New York CityPass: reviews, rates, duration & activities included

New York CityPass

Is visiting New York one of your dreams, and are you about to make it come true? Discover the New York CityPASS, a tourist pass that lets you enjoy the Big Apple to the full!

New York is more than just a city: it’s a veritable symbol of America, and you’re already familiar with this city that’s been filmed from every angle by cinema greats. In fact, for the European visitor, New York is an essential part of American culture, a must-see megalopolis if you’re keen on travel and discovery.

To do so, you can of course choose to survey this gigantic concrete block open to the Atlantic, but we’ve chosen to present you with an interesting alternative to the classic tours offered by tour operators: the New York CityPASS, an official tourist pass that gives you access to the city’s most beautiful, and most emblematic, tourist sites.

Ready to visit this city of a thousand faces and take in the sights? Follow the guide – we’ve put together all the information you need!

What is the New York City Pass?

New York

In fact, CityPASS is… an American company, marketing reasonably-priced ticket packages giving their lucky owners access to the main tourist sites, major cultural attractions and historic sites of major American cities. In the case of New York, it was obvious that the company was not going to pass up a city that accounts for a large proportion of tourist and commercial bookings made by visitors from all over the world!

The New York CityPASS, which includes premium access to no less than six must-see destinations in this 100% American metropolis, is a must-have when you’re looking to visit the city’s tourist attractions without the headache of waiting in endless lines or being unable to get there for lack of time or impeccable organization of your stay!

Below you’ll find all the benefits offered by the New York CityPASS and all the information you need to make the most of it.

Activities included in the New York CityPass

The activities on offer are listed below; for the last three, you’ll have to choose which one you’d like to see, but if you’d like to visit both, you’ll be offered discounts at the entrance to the chosen attraction as you benefit from your New York CityPASS.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

TheEmpire State Building is a must-see in the American megalopolis, and your ticket will take you straight to the famous observatory on the 86th floor!

Tickets allow two accesses, one during the day and a second at night; in both cases, free Wi-Fi will enable your loved ones to receive breathtaking snapshots of the place!

The Museum of Natural History

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de New York

One of the biggest and most famous museums in the world, with its famous Fossil Hall housing a gigantic reconstructed Titanosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered, its Rose Center for Earth and Space and its floating sphere measuring over 25 metres in diameter, plus many other surprises!

Your ticket includes admission to the Museum, a 2D or 3D film and access to the Hayden Planetarium Space Show.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visiter le Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

One of the world’s best-known museums, one of New York’s most popular attractions: it’s impossible to miss this extraordinary cultural space, which traces almost 5,000 years of artistic history from the four corners of the globe.

In addition to admission to the museum itself, your New York CityPASS includes three consecutive days’ admission to The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breueret and The Met Cloisters, with an audio guide to make the most of this intense cultural moment!

Top of the Rock or the Guggenheim Museum

Musée Guggenheim, New-York

The choice is yours: visit the Top of the Rock and its 360° panoramic view of New York City, perched on an indoor or outdoor platform on the top three floors of an art deco skyscraper; or visit the Guggenheim Museum, the internationally acclaimed temple of art, an architectural icon celebrating its 60th anniversary and nicknamed « the temple of the mind », open seven days a week.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island/Circle Line cruises

Statue de la Liberté, New-York

The choice is yours: your New York CityPASS gives you access – with an audio guide included – by Statue Cruises ferry to and from Liberty Island and Ellis Island, to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, where you can discover the rich history of this immigration inspection station, once the busiest in the country.

You can also choose from four different cruise options, accompanied by a guide, to admire the city’s unique « skyline » aboard Landmark, Harbour Lights or Liberty cruise services, or a ride on The Beast, a super-powered boat for unique sensations just a few hundred meters from New York’s coastline!

September 11 Memorial and Museum/Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Memorial du 11 septembre, New-York

Photo credit: Flickr – David Unger

The September 11 attacks were an unprecedented historical tragedy: the New York CityPASS allows you to pay tribute to the victims of this monstrous attack, by visiting the September 11 Museum and its memorial located exactly on the site of the original Twin Towers; or, to discover, over nearly 150,000 square feet, a fantastic collection of historical objects linked to the aeronautical history of the country… which saw the first plane take off, that of the Wright brothers!

In addition to jets, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and helicopters of all kinds, admission includes a visit to a Space Shuttle pavilion, ideal for pretending you’re an astronaut.

New York CityPass rates and duration

New York


For a child between the ages of 6 and 17, you’ll need to pay €101.37 to take advantage of the benefits offered by the New York CityPASS.

For an adult, i.e. anyone aged 18 or over, you’ll need €123.89 to take advantage of the benefits offered by the New York CityPASS.

For children under 6, the New York CityPASS… doesn’t exist: in fact, if you’re traveling with a young child, some attractions may be purely free – yes, that’s the case for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Top of the Rock or the Guggenheim Museum, for example – or charge a few dollars for access, provided you… wait in line, and sometimes for a long time.

That’s why we recommend a New York CityPASS ticket, even for children under the age of 6, which will give you and your whole family a brilliant pass.

We assure you, passing a line of tourists forced to wait patiently to gain access to the attractions in question is priceless!

Please note! These rates are only indicative and may vary slightly according to budgetary decisions made by the CityPASS company.

Finally, a  » processing fee  » of just under one euro is added to the above-mentioned sums, and if you choose to send your ticket by post, you can also see the bill rise, as postage costs can be high!


It’s very simple: the New York CityPASS is valid for 9 days from the first day of use, and the purchaser has one year to use the ticket from the date of purchase to benefit from the exceptional advantages of this popular tourist product.

New York CityPass collection points


The New York CityPASS can be purchased online, on the company’s official website.

Once payment has been made, your tickets are sent to you immediately by e-mail, making it an ideal solution when you’re looking to save time on booking! All you have to do afterwards isprint out the e-ticket you receive by e-mail, or simply keep it on your smartphone as proof of entitlement when you visit the attractions you’ve chosen.

What’s more, CityPASS can also send you your ticket by post or directly to your hotel if you’re staying in the USA or Canada – but for a shipping fee that can quickly become high!

Last but not least, the New York CityPASS is available on site, meaning that you can purchase this exceptional tourist pass at the reception desk of each attraction included in the package.

Our review of New York CityPass

Histoire du MET, New York

Photo credit: Pexels

We’re not going to lie: Generation Voyage usually gives pride of place to the small wonders offered by every country in the world, to wild and natural spots, or to places surprisingly untouched by mass tourism.

But if you’ve decided to visit New York, especially during the peak tourist seasons of summer and December, it’s essential – unless you want to turn your stay into a long wait in line – to have access to an efficient queue-breaker, giving you access to what makes New York what it is, and what’s more, for a price that is, frankly, reasonable.

That’s the aim of this article, and we hope it’s convinced you to make use of this high-quality tourist formula: see you soon, then, in the Big Apple!