Motorhome: what insurance is right for your adventure?

Have you been seduced by the motorhome and decided to take the plunge? Let’s take a look at an expense you shouldn’t overlook: insurance.

With the warm weather, May bank holidays and summer just around the corner, you may have recently purchased a motorhome to travel at your leisure across France and Europe. Today we’re not going to give you theitinerary for the perfect road-trip, but we will focus on one very important point: insuring your motorhome. How do you insure a motorhome? What type of insurance should I take out? And how much does motorhome insurance cost?

Even if you only use your vehicle for part of the year, it still needs to be insured. It’s important to read your insurance policy carefully, because you could have a very bad vacation if something happens that’s not covered by your policy!

How do I insure my motorhome?

Think of your motorhome as a conventional vehicle: you need to insure it just like your car or motorcycle. You’ll need to contact your insurance company with a copy of the motorhome registration document, your driver’s license, proof of identity and a statement of information (an official document issued by your previous insurer at your request).

Conventional insurance companies can insure a motorhome. Don’t hesitate to get a quote from several insurers. You can also opt for specific insurance, i.e. motorhome insurance tailored to your particular use. To negotiate a rate, you can contact an advisor directly, as you can with AXA motorhome insurance, for example.

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What guarantees?

As with all motorized land vehicles, motorhomes require at least third-party insurance. Given the value of a motorhome, its size and what it can carry, comprehensive insurance would be more appropriate.

Insurance companies recommend at least two types of coverage:

– Theft, which covers theft or attempted theft of the motorhome and its contents,

– fire insurance, which covers interior and exterior fires, as well as damage caused by lightning.

It is important to note that motorhome insurance policies do not cover items attached to the outside of the motorhome (bicycles, surfboards, etc.) or certain valuables such as jewelry, money, etc.

How much does motorhome insurance cost?

Insuring a motorhome is expensive, but not excessive. The price of insurance obviously depends on a number of criteria, such as :

– make and model of motorhome,

– the replacement value of the motorhome,

– improvements made to the motorhome, if any,

– the insured’s profile (age, location, history, etc.)

To give you an idea of prices, basic motorhome insurance can start at €450 a year, but depending on the level of insurance, cover and other options, the rate can rise to €800 or more.