Luggage storage in Amsterdam: where to leave your bags and suitcases?

Consigne bagage

On vacation in the Dutch capital? Find out where to leave your bags and suitcases in a luggage repository in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most visited destinations. And with good reason, the capital of the Netherlands offers its visitors a wide range of activities. Between a bike ride along the canals, the red light district, the many museums and, of course, the coffee shops, there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam. If you, too, have decided to visit the Dutch capital, you’ll probably be taking your suitcase with you. A suitcase that can prove cumbersome. Depositing it in one of Amsterdam’s luggage repositories can make getting around a lot easier.

Generation Voyage has put together a guide to luggage lockers in Amsterdam.

Check-in at your hotel or apartment rental

Carte des consignes à bagages Stasher à Amsterdam

One of the first places to leave your bags and suitcases in Amsterdam is of course your hotel, youth hostel or apartment. In fact, most hotels and youth hostels have luggage storage facilities in Amsterdam. After checking out, simply ask at reception where to leave your bags and suitcases. All you have to do is visit Amsterdam empty-handed.

On the other hand, when you rent an apartment, it’s not always possible to leave your belongings once you’ve checked out. If a newcomer occupies the apartment immediately after your departure, it will often be difficult to leave your bags and suitcases in Amsterdam. To be on the safe side, ask the owner at the time of booking. They may be able to store your belongings in a safe place.

What’s more, whether you’re staying in a hotel or renting an apartment, their location isn’t always ideal. If they’re located far from the city center, you may have to make a detour when leaving Amsterdam. In such cases, it may be more convenient to find luggage lockers close to Amsterdam’s strategic sites.

Find a luggage repository in Amsterdam

Luggage storage in Amsterdam: how much does it cost?

Luggage storage in Amsterdam: rates (for 1 bag)
Platform 1 hour 3 hours 24 heures extra day Insurance Book
Nannybag, consignes à bagages 6€ 6€ 1 000€ See instructions

If you don’t want to or can’t leave your luggage where you’re staying, the best solution is to drop it off at one of Amsterdam’s luggage repositories. This is what companies like Nannybag offer, making it easier for you to get around on your last day in the Dutch capital.

To do so, book online at one of the many locations available in Amsterdam. Once there, you show your ID and drop off your belongings. For just €6 a day, your suitcase is well looked after. You can roam the streets of Amsterdam with peace of mind. As well as offering low prices for luggage storage in Amsterdam, Nannybag guarantees your suitcase up to €1000. If anything happens while you’re away, you’ll be compensated in the event of loss, theft or damage to your belongings.

Amsterdam station locker

Amsterdam Central

Photo credit: Flickr – Huub Zeeman

Amsterdam Central is the main train station in the Netherlands. Many trains pass through here, including the HSL-Zuid (the Dutch equivalent of our TGV), and the Eurostar and Thalys for European journeys. Located in the heart of the city, Amsterdam Central Station is also the departure and arrival point for many buses and streetcars.

And in terms of architecture, Central Station is a marvel to behold. Free of your bags and suitcases, take time to admire Amsterdam Central, built at the end of the 19th century.

If you’d like to take a stroll around Central Station, there’s a luggage storage system at Amsterdam Central. These are self-service lockers located in the eastern part of the station. Locker prices vary according to the size of your luggage:

  • Small suitcase (90 * 45 * 40): 7€ for 24 hours;
  • Large suitcase (90 * 60 * 40): 10€ for 24 hours.

You can also leave your bags and suitcases at Amsterdam Central for several days. Be careful, however, not to exceed the nine-day limit! If you do, your belongings will be sent to the lost and found office. You can drop off and pick up your belongings at Amsterdam Central every day between 5am and 1am.

Please note: When dropping off your bags and suitcases at Amsterdam Central, remember your locker number and, above all, don’t lose your ticket. If you do, you’ll be charged an additional €10.

Find a luggage repository in Amsterdam

Check-in at Amsterdam airport

Trouver un parking pas cher à l'aéroport de Amsterdam

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Bokstaz

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is located 17 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam city center. With over 70 million passengers a year, it is Europe’s third busiest airport.

If you’re flying into the Dutch capital, you’ll be passing through this airport. There are several baggage reclaim facilities in Amsterdam.

There is a system of long-stay lockers for large suitcases. These are located between arrivals terminals 1 and 2. You can leave your bags and suitcases at Amsterdam Airport for up to thirty days. Prices are as follows, depending on the size of your suitcase:

  • Small suitcase (55 * 35 * 25): €6 per day,
  • Large suitcase: €9 per day,
  • Special suitcase (guitar, golf club, etc.): €12 per day.

And for shorter stays, you can leave your bags and suitcases at Amsterdam Airport in lockers located near the departure gates. The price is €8 for 24 hours, with a maximum deposit period of seven days.

Amsterdam bus station locker

Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Photo credit: Wikimedia – CAPTAIN RAJU

Amsterdam has a bus station for buses from the Netherlands and other European countries such as Poland, Germany and Belgium. The station terminus is Sloterdijk, just a few kilometers from the city center. If you need to take the bus during your stay in Amsterdam, there are several luggage lockers close to the Amsterdam bus station.

By visiting the Nannybag website, you can leave your bags and suitcases in Amsterdam with complete confidence. For just €5 a day, your belongings are safe in a store or hotel near Sloterdijk.

Instructions for museums and tourist attractions

Musée Van Gogh

Photo credit: Flickr – Luiz Gadelha Jr.

Anne Frank House

Would you like to visit Anne Frank’s house during your stay in Amsterdam? It’s a must-see in the Dutch capital and well worth a visit. The Anne Frank House is very narrow, and there are no direct luggage storage facilities in Amsterdam. However, there are plenty of places where you can leave your bags and suitcases close to the Anne Frank House. Just check the Nannybag website to find the one that suits you best.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is another must-see in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has a luggage locker system. However, this is only for small luggage such as backpacks or large handbags. If you have larger suitcases, we recommend that you book a space on Nannybag to make the most of your visit to the Van Gogh Museum.

Find a luggage repository in Amsterdam

Shopping center guidelines

Centre commercial Magna Plaza, Amsterdam

Photo credit: Flickr – Ana

Magna Plaza

Feel like doing a little shopping before leaving Amsterdam? Then Magna Plaza is the place for you. Open daily between 10am and 10pm, Magna Plaza has several luggage lockers in Amsterdam. Please note, however, that these are for small bags, not large suitcases.


Another must for a shopping session is Kalvertoren. In this shopping center on the Dutch capital’s busiest street, you’ll find a whole host of souvenirs. You can’t leave your bags and suitcases in the mall. But here again, Nannybag offers you several luggage storage facilities in Amsterdam.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Tell us in which Amsterdam luggage repositories did you leave your suitcase?