Lisbon’s 10 best brunches

Brunch à Lisbonne

Feel like sleeping in? Here’s our list of the best brunch spots in Lisbon!

There’s nothing like a late breakfast to make you feel like you’re really on vacation! When it comes to brunch in Lisbon, the choice is yours: sweet or savory, hot or cold, exotic or not… Here’s our list of the best brunch spots in the Portuguese capital.

Note that restaurants often stop serving brunch around 4pm, and sometimes only offer it at weekends. Two things to bear in mind when planning your stay in Lisbon!

1. Nicolau Cafe: brunch for the eyes

Some consider it the best brunch in Lisbon! For around 15 euros, the menu offers a hearty mix of sweet and savoury: pancakes, yoghurt, orange juice, toast… But above all, Nicolau stands out for its meticulous presentation: you eat with your eyes as much as with your mouth.

Address: Nicolau Cafe, Rua de São Nicolau, 17

2. Pois Café: bohemian brunch

The ambience invites sharing: sofas, pallet tables, multicolored decor… Perfect for a gentle start to the day! Three brunch options are available at weekends, for less than €10: sweet and savoury, and above all, freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Address: Pois Café, Rua São João da Praça 93-95

Brunch à Lisbonne

Photo credit: Facebook Nicolau Cafe

3. Café com Calma: brunch like at home

On Saturdays, Café com Calma offers an extensive sweet and savoury brunch for €15: pastries, pastries, eggs, mini-burgers, fruit… The decor is completely different, for a result that’s both trendy and cosy, just like home!

Address: Café com Calma, Rua do Açúcar 10

4. Brick Cafe Lisboa: classic brunch goodness

In a decor that’s both industrial and warm (bricks, wooden furniture and friendly staff), the Brick Café offers a classic brunch that’s rudely well cooked. The orange juice and coffee, in particular, are very good.

Address: Brick Cafe Lisboa, Rua de Moçambique 2

5. Brunch Cafe: the brunch specialist in Lisbon

Brunch Café is the place to go for brunch in Lisbon any day of the week! For reasonable prices, several formulas are offered, to delight all taste buds. Beware, these brunches are famous: remember to make reservations!

Address: Brunch Cafe, Rua da Alfandega 120 or Rua dos Caminhos de Ferro 98

6. Café O Corvo: brunch on the terrace

A pleasant place, well-presented dishes, a copious and delicious brunch… And the little extra: the terrace in a pedestrian street, which offers a real moment of sweetness. But don’t forget to book!

Address: Café O Corvo, Largo dos Trigueiros 15A-15B

7. Deli Delux: brunch with a view of the Tagus river

Fancy a brunch in Lisbon overlooking the Tagus? It’s possible on the beautiful terrace of the Deli Delux in Santa-Apolónia! For around 15 euros, you’ll be able to choose from a range of hearty formulas: bacon, cheese, eggs, coffee, chocolate, croissants…

Address: Deli Delux Santa-Apolónia, Av. Infante D. Henrique, Cais da Pedra – Arm. B, loja 8

8. Pastelaria Batalha – Camões: brunch for sweet lovers

There’s no brunch to speak of here, just savoury and sweet menus with drinks. And above all, absolutely delicious bread and pastries – many of Pastelaria Batalha’s products have won awards!

Address: Pastelaria Batalha, Rua da Horta Seca, 1

Brunch à Lisbonne

Photo credit: Facebook O Ninho – Café Brunch

9. O Ninho: the friendly brunch

Small, vintage-chic premises, full of softness, with a small, quiet terrace… Le O Ninho offers three brunch formulas, all very successful, but above all distinguishes itself with good quality products and unbeatable service.

Address: O Ninho, Rua de São Cristóvão 17-19

10. Maria Limão: the secret brunch

At Maria Limão, everything is pastel, pretty, soft and refreshing: the decor, but also the fruit crepes or homemade lemonades… Select a few sweet or savory dishes to share, and take the time to appreciate the place, still little known and quite quiet.

Address: Maria Limão, Rua da Verónica,122

Main photo credit: Pois Café