Light or not? The best mayonnaises for your health

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Allégées ou pas allégées ? Les meilleures mayonnaises pour la santé

In its latest issue, 60 Millions de Consommateurs analyzed the ingredients in 15 industrial mayonnaises (classic or low-fat) sold in supermarkets. Discover the best and worst mayonnaises for your health.

Focus on the composition of industrial mayonnaises

As a reminder, mayonnaise is composed of at least 70% oil, white vinegar, egg yolk and sometimes mustard.

In the traditional recipe, the industry uses mainly sunflower oil, but more and more manufacturers are using rapeseed oil. As 60 millions de consommateurs points out, compared withsunflower oil, rapeseed oil « has a better ratio of omega-3/omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids » .

Whatever the formula, mayonnaise generally contains too much sugar, salt and fat. These ingredients, already consumed in excessive quantities in our society, contribute to chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease…

The consumers’ association also points the finger at other unhealthy ingredients found in many mayonnaises. These include thickeners such as guar gum (E412) and xanthan gum (E415), which  » in excess can cause gastrointestinal discomfort (bloating, diarrhea, etc.) » .

What about low-fat mayonnaises?

60 millions de consommateurs magazine analyzes low-calorie mayonnaises, revealing that although the caloric load is divided by three for this type of mayonnaise, they are not to be preferred.

As Camille Dorioz, head of campaigns at Foodwatch, explains:  » Manufacturers remove the fat, but add water to the mayonnaise. And since the result is bland, they add salt and sugar » .

In addition to containing too much salt and sugar, low-fat mayonnaises also contain numerous preservatives. The reason? Because with less oil, low-fat mayonnaises don’t keep as well.

À titre d’exemples, la mayonnaise à la moutarde de Dijon légère Monoprix et la mayonnaise allégée Casino incluent pas moins de dix additifs !

Les meilleures mayonnaises industrielles

Face à ce constat, 60 millions de consommateurs recommande « d’opter pour les mayonnaises traditionnelles, mais en petite quantité ».

Parmi les meilleures mayonnaises analysées par l’association de consommateurs, on peut citer :

  • Amora dans sa version non allégée qui a obtenu la meilleure note du classement (13,5/20),
  • la mayonnaise Maille « Fins Gourmets » et
  • la mayonnaise traditionnelle de la marque La Tourangelle.