Les Ardennes en Camping-Car: tips, areas, itineraries

Ardennes en camping-car

Exploring the Ardennes by motorhome is a unique way to discover the region. Between the Walloon territory and the Meuse valley, your vacation will be a most unusual one!

The Ardennes is one of the magnificent departments of the Grand-Est region. Located in the north-east of France, this historic territory borders Belgium and the Hauts-de-France region. This former province of Champagne and Argonne boasts a rich cultural heritage. In the 19th century, it was a strategic location during both World Wars. The region retains many vestiges of its unusual past, as well as exceptional monuments.

But this surprising department also boasts a superb environmental heritage. Dominated by the Croix-Scaille massif, it follows its main rivers through magnificent landscapes. The territory is thus traced by splendid wild valleys, in a breathtaking green setting. You can explore this unique region by visiting the Ardennes in a motorhome!

Route ideas in the Ardennes by motorhome

Revin, Ardennes

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If you want to discover the Ardennes by motorhome, there are several itineraries to choose from. Sightseeing trips in this département generally last between three and four days, depending on your points of interest. For example, you could visit the region’s main towns. From Sedan to Charleville-Mézières, you’ll have several centuries of history on your doorstep. You’ll be able to admire fabulous medieval fortresses and architectural gems.

You could also choose to explore the fabulous Semois Valley, steeped in history. On its magnificent hillsides, you can take a deep breath of fresh air while admiring the scenery. But your motorhome tour of the Ardennes could also follow the Ourthe valley. Between legends and medieval tales, you’ll be able to take full advantage of its exceptional setting. And if you don’t know where to start, here are some route ideas.

Three days to discover the Ardennes

  • Sedan: a city of art and history, with its fortified castle, Saint-Charles church and Palais des Princes,
  • Charleville-Mézières: Notre-Dame Basilica, Palais des Tournelles,
  • Monthermé,
  • Fumay and its Fantasticable.

Ten days in the Semois Valley

  • Arlon,
  • Tintigny,
  • Jamoigne,
  • Chiny,
  • Florenville,
  • Chassepierre,
  • Herbeumont,
  • Bouillon,
  • Rochehaut,
  • The Gros-Fays Plateau,
  • Vresse-sur-Semois,
  • Monthermé,
  • Croix-Scaille,
  • Gedinne.

Five days in the Ourthe valley

  • La-Roche-en-Ardenne,
  • Nadrin Plateau,
  • Nisramont dam,
  • La Brasserie d’Achouffe,
  • Plateau des Tailles.

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Driving a motorhome in the Ardennes: traffic rules you need to know

Château de Sedan

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Would you like to discover the Ardennes by motorhome? Fortunately, there are no exceptions to the Highway Code in this French department. In town, the speed limit is 50 km/h, and 80 km/h on secondary roads. On freeways, you’ll obviously be limited to 110 km/h with your vehicle. You’ll need to follow the same traffic rules as in the rest of France.

However, if you’re exploring the Ardennes by motorhome in winter, it may be necessary to equip yourself with winter tires. Indeed, this northern region is more exposed to snow and periods of frost. Equipping your vehicle with suitable tires is the best way to ensure safe driving. So get your driver’s license, van registration document and insurance policy, and set off on your adventure! But don’t forget your yellow vest, triangles and all.

Freeway tolls in the Ardennes: what price for your category of motorhome?

Les Ardennes en camping-car

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Visiting the Ardennes by motorhome is an exceptional way to discover the fabulous local landscapes. However, travelling to or within another département can involve freeway charges. These are generally regulated by tolls at the entrances and exits of major roads. However, the Ardennes has only two specific stretches of freeway: theA34 and theA304. These have no tolls, and are therefore entirely free of charge. They can be accessed from various entry points throughout the department.

This means you’ll only have to pay to get to the Ardennes by motorhome. In fact, almost all major French freeways have toll booths, each with its own specific tariff. Naturally, the price you pay depends on the type of vehicle you have. Class 1 motor vehicles, for example, are cars and light racing cars. Class 3, on the other hand, covers trucks and vehicles over three meters in height. Generally speaking, motor homes fall into the second category.

How and where to rent a motorhome in the Ardennes?

Ardennes en camping-car

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If you don’t own a motorhome, you can rent one on arrival in the Ardennes. This department is a wonderful place for visitors to discover. Many companies offer visitors the chance to tour the region in a fully-equipped van. The best thing to do is to visit the service providers’ websites to choose the vehicle you want for your vacation. That way, you can select the type and size of van you want. What’s more, you’ll be able to contact the company for further information.

Nevertheless, visiting the Ardennes by motorhome is a most attractive adventure. So it’s a good idea to rent a van for your trip at the best possible price. That’s why we recommend using a comparison service like Yescapa. You’ll be able to find the ideal motorhome at the lowest possible price for your vacation. From converted vans to XXL motorhomes, we bet you’ll find the vehicle of your dreams!

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RV parks in the Ardennes: where to park?

When exploring the Ardennes by motorhome, it’s essential to know where you can park. Obviously, motorhomes are not like other vehicles. They can therefore only be parked in certain suitable sites. The most common are campsites, which have dedicated areas for vans. To reserve your space, you’ll need to contact the company in advance, as you would for any other rental. Then simply drive to the campsite, pick up your pitch and park.

Nevertheless, the region also boasts a number of suitable sites. So it’s easy to visit the Ardennes by motorhome. All you need to do isplan your itinerary in advance, and look out for the main sites dedicated to motorhomes. You’ll find such sites in major towns and cities, or in the vicinity of regional parks. Generally speaking, these areas also have facilities for servicing your vehicle.

When is the best time to travel by motorhome in the Ardennes?

Eglise Saint-Georges

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You can discover the Ardennes by motorhome in any season. However, the region’s splendid landscapes are best appreciated during the summer months. Spring and summer are therefore the best times to travel by van through the Grand-Est.

When the weather’s warm, you can take advantage of the Ardennes’ beautiful evenings to dine under the stars. In magnificent valleys like theOurthe or Semois, we bet your vacation will be unforgettable!

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