Le Hangar à Énigmes, a must-see activity in La Baule!

If you’re passing through La Baule, why not stop off and try out the new Hangar à Énigmes escapade games?

Want to spend an unforgettable moment with friends, family or at a company seminar? Come and discover THE new activity in La Baule: the escape game!

Located in the heart of the seaside resort, the Hangar à Énigmes offers a life-size escape game in one of its four escape game rooms, for an immersive, timeless experience!

What is the Hangar à Énigmes?

Hangar La Baule

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Le Hangar de la Baule opened its doors in June 2020, much to the delight of thrill-seekers. It’s the city’s first escape game. The site is located in the immediate vicinity of Le Pouliguen and the beach. It is part of the Hangar à Énigmes group, which has already opened a location in Deauville, the first on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy.

The concept of escape games is gaining increasing popularity. Locked in a room symbolizing an enclosed space, participants must work together to solve the enigmas that will enable them to escape, within a limited timeframe.

Throughout your game, a Game Master will follow your progress using microphones and cameras, and accompany you with clues. No special knowledge is required to take part.

What to do at Hangar de la Baule?

hangar à énigme

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Le Hangar de la Baule offers escape game rooms that are all original creations. So there’s no risk of finding the same atmosphere in the competition! Here, you’ll discover three missions, each more addictive than the last: the Caribbean Treasure, the Pressurized Heist or The Prisoners of Ragnah.

The rooms can accommodate groups of 3 to 6 people. Whether you’re coming with friends, for a family outing or to celebrate a birthday, the experience promises to be fun and exciting! You’ll have the chance to rob a bank, escape from a boat or break out of prison – there’s no better way to get to know your loved ones. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be one of laughter!

Escape game: Caribbean treasure

hangar à énigme

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Are you up to the challenge set by Hangar de la Baule in this room? With treasure chests, jingle bells and skull and crossbones flags, you’ll be plunged straight into a magical atmosphere.

Imagine yourself aboard the bastion Circolo, in 1820. You’re one of her crew. You’re on your way to the Caribbean Sea, when suddenly your ship is stormed by ferocious pirates known as the Alpagos. They board the ship, plunder it and lock you in the hold. Their latest dirty trick? They’ve cut holes in the ship’s hull and let it sink with its occupants… You have one hour to do the impossible and avoid sinking with the Circolo.

The room can accommodate between 2 and 6 players, aged 8 and over. Difficulty is 3 out of 5. Instructions are given in French and English. The game is also accessible to the hearing impaired and pregnant women.

Escape game: Robbery under pressure

hangar à énigme

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Thrill-seekers are in for a treat! You’ll find a bank robbery atmosphere in two of the Hangar de la Baule’s rooms. If you’re coming with friends, this is the ideal game. Split into two groups, you can take part in « battle mode » by booking both rooms at the same time. It’s up to you to see which group manages to get out of the room before the other!

You take on the role of a team of experienced bank robbers who have successfully pulled off over twenty heists. Your challenge? Convince the famous Professor, a renowned thief, to trust you to carry out the Heist of the Century with him. And to do so, he suggests you repeat his first heist, the Hangar Banking Group heist. The loot is worthy of the challenge: a superb diamond.

He observes you to assess your level, but he doesn’t help you. He’s even warned the police, who will be here in an hour!

Hurry up and rob the bank without getting arrested!

The hall is accessible to pregnant women, the hearing-impaired and people with reduced mobility. Children as young as 8 can take part.

Escape game: Prisoners of Ragnah

hangar à énigme

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Le Hangar de la Baule has a special room for James Bond fans, and we love it! You’re a member of the French intelligence services, and you’ve been sent to the HQ of Ragnah, the most dangerous criminal organization of the 21st century. Murders, kidnappings, trafficking of all kinds, its members will stop at nothing for money. Just when you’ve managed to recover an important part of the secret documents, you’re spotted by a patrol team and thrown into prison. But Ragnah is planning to blow up the prison in 1 hour’s time and make you and all the evidence you’ve collected disappear!

Thrills and chills are guaranteed in this room, with racks full of heavy weapons and the ticking of a bomb ready to explode! You’ll have 60 minutes to save yourself and get out of the hell you’ve been promised! Are you up to the challenge?

This room accepts players aged 10 and over. It is accessible to the hearing-impaired and pregnant women. A minimum of 3 players is recommended. On a scale of 1 to 5, the difficulty of the puzzles is 4.

Opening hours and prices

Would you like to spend some quality time with friends and family at the Hangar à Énigmes? The Hangar welcomes you at the following times:

All year round, except school vacations & public holidays:

  • Monday-Tuesday: closed
  • Wednesday-Thursday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Friday: 4pm – 11:30pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 11:30pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 10pm
School vacations and public holidays:

  • Monday to Sunday: 10am – 11:30pm

The price of a game varies according to the number of people in the team (from 3 to 6). The more people, the cheaper!

  • 3 people: €30 per person or €90 per game;
  • 4 people: €27 per person, i.e. €108 per party;
  • 5 people: €25 per person, i.e. €125 per party;
  • 6 people: €23 per person or €138 per game.

Useful information

How do I make a reservation?

To reserve a room, you’ll need to go directly to the online platform. The establishment does not take reservations by e-mail, but you can contact them by telephone if you wish to find a slot on the same day.

The online platform also enables you to consult the available slots for each job, and to reserve a room, since the reservation calendar is updated in real time.

Please note that all payments are made online.

For reservations :

  • Click on the box to select the desired mission. You can also book via the orange « Book » button in the top right-hand corner of the home page.
  • If the selected slots suit you, click on « Book » to continue. If not, click on the box again to select another time slot.

How do I get there?

Hangar à Énigmes de La Baule is located at 8 avenue Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, in La Baule-Escoublac. It’s close to the seaside resort of Le Pouliguen. You can get there on foot from the beach, or by public transport.

Rediscover the escape game atmosphere of Deauville’s Hangar à Énigmes, now in La Baule! The missions will be back from June 9, 2021 to once again bring you moments of fun and sharing with family, friends or colleagues.

Supervised by a team of enthusiasts, the team welcomes you in strict compliance with health regulations.