Lapland: 7 days to discover the land of snow

Chasse aux aurores boréales

Embark on a unique trip to Lapland with Travelbase and discover the fabulous land of snow!

The Arctic land of northern Europe, Lapland spans several countries: the northern territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula in Russia. Although legend associates Lapland with the home of Santa Claus, these lands are first and foremost the territory of the Sami, Europe’s last indigenous people.

A trip to Lapland means joining Michel Berger in his white paradise. Filled with vast, immaculate wilderness, this sparsely inhabited region offers a singular landscape, providing a truly impressive change of scenery.

Lapland is also the region of endless white nights in summer. This abundance of light then gives way to winter, when darkness takes over almost permanently, albeit illuminated by the magical effect of the northern lights.

So many features that make this part of the world a unique place to discover at least once in a lifetime. With Travelbase, embark on a fabulous seven-day adventure in Finnish Lapland. An all-inclusive trip to discover the countless wonders of this land of snow!

1. Where to stay during my trip to Lapland?

Où loger lors de mon voyage en Laponie ?

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With Travelbase, explore Lapland on a seven-day, all-inclusive trip: the ideal opportunity to escape and share memorable moments with family and friends during the winter vacations, at Christmas or New Year.

And for an unforgettable stay, Travelbase offers you superb chalets, ideally placed for viewing the northern lights. All you have to do is drop off your luggage in one of these exceptional accommodations, located near Rovaniemi. The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi is even home to the famous Santa Claus village…

Ice River Lodge

For a stay as close to nature as possible, visit the Ice River Lodge. Located in Napapiirin Saarituvat, 5 km from the center of Rovaniemi, this lodge offers attractive wooden chalets designed for two people. Fully equipped and with a terrace, this cozy pied-à-terre is the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

Offering superb views of the frozen river that flows through Rovaniemi, Ice River Lodge is the ideal place to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature. What’s more, the location of these cottages away from the town center makes this lodge the perfect place to watch the Northern Lights.

Santa’s Chalet

For those who want to be immersed in the magic of Christmas, what could be better than staying in the heart of Santa’s village?

Drop your bags in a comfortable chalet for up to four people. Fully equipped, this accommodation even has a private sauna, where you can warm up after a long day exploring the beauty of the Lapland landscape.

Located close to all amenities, the « Santa Claus Village » chalets invite you to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy the beauty of Lapland in a magical setting!

Chalet Reindeer Lodge

Located in Ounasvaara, not far from the capital’s city center, the Reindeer Lodge chalets are the ideal option for those who want to enjoy nature without straying too far from the hustle and bustle. In fact, all you have to do is walk a few hundred meters along the beautiful Kemijoki River to find restaurants serving local dishes.

Sleeping up to five people, Reindeer Lodge’s superb chalets feature a terrace, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and private sauna. The perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes. And yes, the ski lifts are just 100 meters away!

Good to know: all accommodations are private chalets including WI-FI, towels and bed linen. It is also possible to request a chalet for a group of more than five people.

2. What to do in Lapland

A trip to Lapland is the promise ofa timeless holiday packed with extraordinary activities. So get ready for unique experiences, from breathtaking landscapes to the magic of the northern lights!

Dog sledding

Balade en chien de traîneau

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  • Duration of activity: 2h30
  • 🧤 E quipment: a balaclava, hat, jacket, pants and gloves will be provided.

Take a trip through the snowy landscapes of Lapland and experience the ultimate sled dog adventure! Once you’ve received your instructions, you’ll enjoy unique moments of freedom aboard your sled and a team of 6 huskies.

The huskies will take you on a 10-kilometer tour of their land, in a setting worthy of a white paradise. And to round off the ride, you’ll be welcomed in a typical tent with a nice hot natural berry juice!

Northern lights hunt

Chasse aux aurores boréales - voyage Laponie

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  • Activity duration: as long as you like
  • 🧤 E quipment: warm clothes essential to keep out the cold of the starry night

An undeniable and obvious dream of any trip to the Nordic lands remains the chance to catch a glimpse of the famous northern lights. As a large part of Lapland lies above the Arctic Circle, especially the Finnish territory, it is possible to observe this spectacle during the winter season.

The ideal time to admire this magical phenomenon is from December to March. When you travel with Travelbase, the Aurora Forecast app is used to make sure you’re there for the show. And while you’re waiting for it to start, you’ll be sitting in front of a roaring campfire, toasting sausages and marshmallows!

Snowshoe outing

Balade en raquettes

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  • Activity duration: between 2 and 6 hours (depending on the group)
  • 🧤 E quipment: suitable snow boots provided. Professionals recommend that you put on several light layers so that you can remove them in case of heatstroke.

What better way to discover Lapland’s pristine landscapes than on snowshoes for a walk through wonderland?

Our experienced guides will take you off the beaten track to explore magical places where you’ll feel like you’re alone in the world. Stroll along frozen lakes, snow-covered rivers and magnificent forests.

Snowmobile tour

Randonnée en motoneige - voyage Laponie

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  • Duration of activity: 2 hours
  • ⚠️ Conditions: car license required
  • 🧤 E quipment: thermal clothing, balaclava, gloves, boots, helmet and goggles provided.

For thrill-seekers, opt for a snowmobile experience in the wilderness!

After receiving instructions on how to drive the machine safely, you’re off for a two-by-two journey of around 20 kilometers through exceptionally pure landscapes. And if you wish, you can swap drivers halfway through.

Cross-country skiing

Ski de fond

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  • Duration of activity: 3 hours
  • 🧤 E quipment: cross-country skis, boots and poles provided. As this is a sporty activity, professionals advise you to avoid putting on too many layers of clothing.

Cross-country skiing is deeply rooted in Finnish culture. In fact, this winter sport is learned from an early age in Finland. In the past, it was the most coveted form of transport in winter. Skipping through the woods to get to school or work was quite normal.

So you can see why cross-country skiing is an essential part of your stay in Lapland. Alongside a professional, you’ll be guided and trained in the techniques of cross-country skiing along pleasant trails that will help you discover the wonders of the region.

Good to know: these five extraordinary activities are included in the price of your stay. However, for those who want even more, it’s possible to sign up for additional activities.

3. Why choose Travelbase to travel to Lapland?

Balade en rennes - voyage Laponie

Photo credit: Travelbase

This wonderful seven-day trip to discover Lapland was imagined and designed by Travelbase. And Travelbase is a team of enthusiasts who have been coming together since 2010 to create and deliver unique, out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Discovering Lapland with Travelbase isn’t just a vacation, it’s a real experience. It’s the kind of experience we keep deep inside us, and recount over and over again.

Useful information and travel details

Travebase’s Voyages Laponie concept focuses on affordable travel. Discover the land of snow from €1,285, including accommodation, activities and flights!

What’s more, Travelbase can take care of you from A to Z, with a team of French-speaking staff on hand at all times. What’s more, the activities on offer are organized in collaboration with local specialists in the region, all with respect for nature and the local population.

So what’s included?
  • Accommodation 7 nights in comfort ;
  • A team of specialized French-speaking guides ;
  • The package of 5 activities presented above;
  • Appropriate footwear, thermal clothing and snacks during activities;
  • Round-trip transportation from the airport to your accommodation (if you booked your flight through Voyages Laponie).
Other options are available to suit your needs
  • Optional activities: ice fishing, reindeer encounters, fatbiking… ;
  • Return flights from Brussels or Paris (€385-€515);
  • Thermal clothing rental for the duration of your stay (+ 39€) ;
  • Travel insurance (+ €59) ;
  • Cancellation insurance (€79).
Are you going away with your children?
  • Baby (0-2 years): totally free ;
  • Children aged 3 to 5: pay only for the plane;
  • Children aged 6-12: €100 discount.

Appropriate measures for a worry-free journey

Although the current situation is uncertain, it’s possible to book your trip to Lapland risk-free with Travelbase thanks to flexible cancellation insurance. You’ll benefit from the following guarantees:

  • Cancellation without reason up to 30 days before departure ;
  • Change your departure date for free;
  • 100% refunded to your account.

Finally, appropriate measures are put in place as the health situation evolves:

  • Safe repatriation at no extra cost in the event of complications during your stay due to covid-19 ;
  • Enjoy your stay in the best possible conditions, in compliance with current regulations;
  • If the trip is not immediately possible due to covid-19, a change of departure date will be arranged with you;
  • If the departure date is difficult to change, you will be refunded free of charge.

With these flexible measures, you can book your trip to Lapland in complete safety!

Good to know: you can book your stay in 2021-2022 from December 26 to March 20, Sunday to Sunday. Find availability and prices directly on the Voyages Laponie website.