Itasy: Lily Falls and the Andranotoraha crater lake

Chute de la Lily, Madagascar

Madagascar’s Itasy region boasts two natural tourist attractions: Chute de la Lily and the Andranotoraha crater lake.

You can’t go to Itasy without visiting the Lily Falls. Like the other waterfalls in the area, the Lily Falls are the result of volcanic eruptions in the Itasy region. The site owes its name to the daughter of a settler who took up residence in the region. She lost her life playing in the waterfalls.

Chute de la Lili, Madagascar

Chute de la Lili, Madagascar – Photo credit: Flickr – dada bob

The original name of this tourist site in Itasy is « Antafofo ». There are two large, foaming waterfalls. The larger cascades down from a height of some twenty meters. The second, a little lower down, is not quite as high. Kitsurfing, rafting and kayaking are the activities of choice for extreme sports enthusiasts visiting Lily Falls. Don’t forget to take as many photos as you can of the unforgettable moments you spent in these beautiful waterfalls in the Ampefy region. After your visit to Lily Falls, return to « Le domaine de l’Eucalyptus », or head straight back to Ampefy to discover more of our dream sites.

Andranotoraha crater lake and Ambatohasana crater lake

Visiting the Itasy region is not just a matter of circling the lake and stuffing your face with creamy baraoa and avocados or juicy tomatoes. A rest in one of the gîtes or lodges to recharge your batteries is a must before heading off in other directions.

Lac d'Andranotoraha, Madagascar

Andranotoraha crater lake – Photo credit: Madatana

At kilometre marker 5 after Ampefy, a track leads to the Andranotoraha crater lake. Instead of foaming lava, this is a calm, pure water basin anchored to the crest of a small mountain. Access to the site is easy. From here, the view of Lake Itasy is breathtaking, but only a small part of its surface is visible. A few hundred metres away is the Ambatohasana crater lake, where the topography is identical. For a full view of the whole of Lake Itasy, reach the Sahadimy peaks.

Main photo credit: Madagascar Photo