Interested in a $213 train ticket across the United States?

Traversée des Etats-Unis en train

The American rail company Amtrak offers a low-cost trip between San Francisco and New York via Chicago.

Why cross the USA by train for four long days, when a plane takes around 05h30 between San Francisco and New York? Simply for the beauty of the American landscape and a unique travel experience. Switch to slow mode and follow the guide!

The charm of train travel

To reach New York from San Francisco, you’ll need to take two trains. Amtrak’s California Zephyr connects San Francisco with Chicago, while the Cardinal and Lake Shore Limited take you from Chicago to New York. The first leg takes 51 hours. For the second leg, the Cardinal takes 28 hours between the two cities, while the Lake Shore Limited takes 19 hours.

Traversée des Etats-Unis en train

The California Zephyr offers you the opportunity to stop over in Salt Lake City and Denver. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover Chicago between your two journeys. The Cardinal will take you through Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Washington DC before reaching New York. If you choose the Lake Shore Limited, your journey will include Cleveland and Albany. It’s an opportunity to get to know the United States better, and to assess the distances involved – something you can’t do on a plane.

Breathtaking, diverse landscapes

In addition to the cities you’ll pass through, you’ll also discover a wealth of natural landscapes. On board your first train, you’ll pass the waters of San Francisco Bay, Donner Lake, the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, stretches of desert, the Book Cliffs, the canyons of Colorado and many other wonders.

Traversée des Etats-Unis en train

On-board convenience for long-distance travel

Traveling for $213 isn’t the most comfortable option, of course. At that price, you’ll get a seat and travel in a seated position. The seats are quite wide and comfortable, with plenty of legroom. However, you must be prepared to spend four days in this position. If your budget allows, however, you can take advantage of a compartment with bunks and even an individual cabin with private bathroom!

All passengers can take advantage of various rooms, such as the Sightseer Lounge, a carriage with large windows all the way up to the roof, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the scenery. The train even has a restaurant car with tables, tablecloths and cutlery. Lunch and dinner are served here, with the option of hot meals, salads and hearty hamburgers.

This coast-to-coast train journey is an extraordinary experience, and undoubtedly one of the best ways to appreciate the vastness of the United States and the diversity of the different regions that make up this country.

Traversée des Etats-Unis en train