Île de Noirmoutier en Camping-Car: rentals, tips, areas, itineraries

Comment se garer sur l'île de Noirmoutier avec un camping-car ?

Visiting the Vendée? Here’s how to travel to the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome!

Instead of booking a vacation rental in La Baule, La Turballe or Pornic, why not visit the island of Noirmoutier by motorhome? Located in the Bay of Biscay, Noirmoutier is nicknamed « l’île aux mimosas » for its mild climate.

Renowned for its beaches, salt marshes and exceptional natural environment, the island of Noirmoutier is one of the most beautiful travel destinations on France’s Atlantic coast.

Find out how to visit the island of Noirmoutier by motorhome, for a great touring vacation with family or friends!

How do I park on the island of Noirmoutier with a motorhome?

Comment se garer sur l'île de Noirmoutier avec un camping-car ?

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The good news about this trip is that parking to visit the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome is easy. The island’s town halls have set up free parking areas in Barbâtre, La Guérinière and l’Épine. Leave the motorhome behind and explore the island’s must-see sites and monuments, on foot or by bike!

Spending a day on the island of Noirmoutier: parking lots

Here are a few places to park your motorhome:

  • Noirmoutier-en-l’île parking lots: chargeable from April 21 to September 30, €25 per day;
  • Parking de l’Etier du Moulin : free ;
  • L’Herbaudière port parking lots: €25 per day from June 2 to September 30;
  • Parking Noirmoutier-en-l’ île : free ;
  • Parking at 36, rue des Cap Horniers, La Guérinière: free ;
  • Barbâtre parking lot: €8 per day;
  • Parking at 6326, route du Gois, Barbâtre: free ;
  • Parking at 153, rue de l’Estacade, Barbâtre: €12 per day;
  • Parking in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, le Marais Rouchaud: free ;
  • Parking at Beauvoir-sur-Mer, le Grand Clos (to cross on foot at low tide): free;
  • La Barre-des-Monts parking lot: free, picnic tables, playground ;
  • Parking Notre-Dame-des-Monts: near the beach, free.

To spend several days on site: campsites

Would you like to spend several days on the island to visit Noirmoutier in a motorhome? Around the island of Noirmoutier, you’ll find a wide range of campsites. Here is a selection of campsites on the island of Noirmoutier. Prices are per day, for two people with a motorhome:

  • Camping La Pointe de l’Herbaudière: 21€, extra person 4€, 3€ for children, electricity 3,75€, pets 2€;
  • Camping Les Roussières: €29.10, babysitting €25, extra person €5.60, children €3.70, extra car €4.70, pets €2.75, Wi-Fi €0.55 ;
  • Camping de la Clère : 23€, tent 21€, electricity 2,20€, animals 2€ ;
  • Camping municipal Clair Matin: €20.80, tourist tax €8, additional person €4.70, electricity and Wi-Fi ;
  • Camping Huttopia Noirmoutier: 31€, additional car 8€, additional person 6,30€, refrigerator 6€, electricity 5,40€, pets 4,50€, children 3,70€, tent 3,60€, Wi-Fi ;
  • La Court municipal campsite: €33, extra person €8, refrigerator €8, extra car €6, children €4.80, pets €3, tent €3;
  • Camping Le Caravanile: pitch tent or camper 39,50€, reservation fee 20€, additional person 8,50€, children 5,50€, Wi-Fi 5€, pets 4,90€, additional car 3,10€ ;
  • Camping Sandaya Domaine Le Midi: pitch tent or camper 34,90€, additional person 7,60€, children 4,90€, animals 3,90€ ;
  • Camping La Frandière: camping-car or caravan pitch 26€, additional person 7€, children 5€;
  • Camping La Darotte: €24, extra person €5.50, children €4, pets €2.80.

Motorhome parks around the island of Noirmoutier

To help you find a place to sleep when visiting the island of Noirmoutier by motorhome, here’s a selection of well-referenced service areas on the web.

L’Herbaudière service area

This area offers a total of 18 parking spaces, limited to 72 hours. The fee is €9.40. Add 2€ for water and 2€ for electricity.

The site offers a full range of services (toilets, garbage cans, emptying, water, electricity) and a superb view of the sea. Nearby are the Herbaudière marina and the Lutins, Luzéronde and Devin beaches.

Épine service area

Located just a few minutes from the beach at La Cabane, near the village center of L’Épine, this site offers full service for €9 (water, electricity, flat parking, toilet and waste water disposal). The site has 53 spaces, limited to 72 hours.

The shops of l’Épine and well-developed cycle paths are nearby. On the other side of the village, the salt marshes stretch as far as the eye can see.

Escale de l’Île service area

You won’t find a better service area than this one. In fact, it’s perhaps the best service area for motorhome travel on the island of Noirmoutier. Located in the center of the island, to the west are the salt marshes; to the east, the long beach and its kitesurfing spots with the Passage du Gois.

Parking: 98 spaces limited to 72 hours on a flat dirt surface. The cost: €14.50 for access to parking and services (water, electricity, garbage cans, toilets, Wi-Fi, garbage cans, wastewater disposal and snack bar).

The area is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Shops and the beautiful Sables d’Or beach are nearby.

Beauvoir-sur-Mer service area

This service area can be a strategic entry point before visiting the island of Noirmoutier by motorhome. For a break or if you’re arriving late, it offers 20 parking spaces, so you don’t end up on top of each other. Parking is limited to 5 days. It’s on the outskirts of the village, but it’s still very accessible, for example by bike.

Its low price of just €5 is an added bonus. Services include parking, water, electricity, sewage disposal and a sanitary block.

How and where to rent a motorhome in France?

Would you like to explore the Île de Noirmoutier by motorhome, but don’t own a vehicle? It’s now very easy to rent these vehicles between private individuals, especially in France. Numerous online platforms, such as Yescapa, make this type of rental possible.

How does it work?

  • First, you need to choose the motorhome in your city (e.g. Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Paris, Montpellier or Marseille).
  • Make sure you choose unlimited mileage, check the number of berths available and whether international travel is possible.
  • Make your rental request online and share your travel information (dates, rental options, mileage, etc.) with the owner.
  • If your request is accepted and after payment, you will have access to the owner’s contact details to arrange a first meeting.
  • On the day, present your driver’s license and pay the deposit.
  • An inventory of fixtures is drawn up and a rental contract is signed by both parties. You’ll need to sign it as soon as you return from the island, and once you’ve done that, you’re all set!

Itinerary ideas around the island of Noirmoutier

Idées d'itinéraires autour de l'île de Noirmoutier

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Labellepatine

The island of Noirmoutier is a destination where there’s no shortage of things to do. If you’re away for a week or two, you can also take the opportunity to explore the Atlantic coast, from Pornic to Royan, for example. And why not take in theislands of Oléron and? Here are a few ideas for itineraries on the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome:

Visit the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome over a weekend

We recommend renting your motorhome in Nantes or Saint-Nazaire. Here’s an idea for a three-day itinerary:

  • Day 1: Noirmoutier-en-l’Île (Bois de la Chaise, historic center, Baie de Bourgneuf, Plage des Souzeaux, Plage de l’Anse Rouge, Estacade de la Plage des Dames, Plage des Sableaux), Port de l’Herbaudière, L’Épine salt marshes (mills, esseppes, calorges);
  • Day 2: La Guérinière, Le Bonhomme oyster port, La Nouvelle Brille salt marsh, Sables d’Or beach, Barbâtre ;
  • Day 3: Passage du Gois, Polder de Sébastopol, Pointe de la Fosse, Pornic.

A week on the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome

Heading off for a week’s vacation on the island of Noirmoutier in a motorhome? Here’s where to go from Nantes to visit the island of Noirmoutier and the surrounding area:

  • Day 1: Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, Barbâtre, Passage du Gois ;
  • Day 2: La Guérinière, Noirmoutier salt marshes, Fromentine beaches;
  • Day 3: Saint-Hilaire-de-Rietz, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, the Corniche Vendéenne ;
  • Day 4: Marais Poitevin, La Tranche-sur-Mer, Fontenay-le-Comte, Nieul-sur-l’Autise, Niort ;
  • Day 5: La Rochelle, Saint-Martin-de-Ré ;
  • Day 6: Ars-en-Ré, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, Les Portes-en-Ré Ars-en-Ré, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, Les Portes-en-Ré ;
  • Day 7: La Flotte, Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, Rivedoux-Plage.

We’re proposing this route from the island of Noirmoutier to the island of Ré because, over seven days, you’ll have plenty of time to visit these two must-see islands in a motorhome.

But with a little more driving, an itinerary to the wild Charente-Maritime coast, Royan or Ile d’Oléron can also be interesting. Still have a few more days? Push on to the Landes coast!

Departing from Nantes, you could also choose to visit the north of the region after driving around the island of Noirmoutier. The program includes Pornic, Saint-Nazaire, Le Croisic, La Baule-Escoublac, La Turballe, Guérande and Nantes.