How to save a third on your airfare in 2018?

To save money on your plane ticket, you don’t always have to book long in advance: we’ve got some tips on how to save money on your travels in 2018!

Plane tickets are the biggest item of expenditure when it comes to travel, and when it comes to booking a flight, the main aim is to find the best price, even if it means being flexible about the dates of your stay, and the airport of departure and arrival.

Advice on how to find a cheaper plane ticket is legion on the web, and when you apply it, the price of the ticket actually tends to go down. But there are some rules that don’t always hold true, particularly when it comes to booking your flight. A recent study published on various sites explains that, on average, if you book at the right time, you can expect to save up to 33% on your flight. But how do you go about it?

Distance doesn’t always count when it comes to airfares

We tend to think that long-haul flights have to be booked well in advance to benefit from low prices, but you can save up to 34% on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles by booking only 3 months in advance. The same applies to a flight from Paris to Miami, where you can save 26% by booking 2 months in advance.

The ten most sought-after cities When should you book your flight? You save up to…
Prague 8 months 33% compared with the most expensive month
Athens 11 months 33%
London 1 month 31%
Porto 8 months 29%
Lisbon 9 months in advance 28%
Dublin 7 months 27%
Edinburgh 7 months 26%
Rome 8 months 25%
Reykjavik 2 months 14%
Amsterdam 9 months 10%

For flights within Europe, don’t leave it to the last minute!

Conversely, short-haul flights in Europe are often booked in the last few weeks before departure. Yet the study shows that if you book a flight to Lisbon 9 months in advance, you’ll get your ticket on average 28% cheaper than the highest price. The same applies to a flight to Amsterdam, on which you’ll gain a 10% discount.

The ten most sought-after cities When should you book your flight? You save up to…
Los Angeles 3 months 34% compared with the most expensive month
Marrakech 3 months 34%
Pointe-à-Pitre 1 month 27%
Miami 2 months 26%
Tokyo 8 months 19%
Phuket (Thailand) 8 months 15%
New York 7 months 13%
Bangkok 8 months 11%
Denpasar (Bali) 7 months 9%
Montréal 7 months 8%

Note that for the majority of destinations, it is advisable to travel on weekdays rather than weekends to benefit from a better price. By booking your flight on a Tuesday or Thursday rather than on a Saturday or Sunday, you can save more than half the average ticket price on flights within Europe.

Main photo credit: Flickr – Daniel Pascoal