How to get to Beauval Zoo Transportation & Parking

Koala Beauval

Are you planning to visit this famous animal park in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France? Then here’s how to get to Beauval Zoo!

Rated the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world, the ZooParc de Beauval is home to 35,000 animals from all over the world in nearly 20 different territories. Here you can admire lions, giant pandas, snow leopards, hippopotamuses, elephants and other great apes!

The park also offers numerous shows and activities, including the chance to become a soigneur for a day. Planning to visit soon? Then this article tells you how to get to Beauval Zoo and where to park.

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By car

Route Beauval

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First of all, ZooParc de Beauval is located in the Loir-et-Cher department (41). It lies to the south of the town of Blois, halfway between Tours and Vierzon. To get to Beauval Zoo, the car is obviously an ideal, flexible and practical means of transport. You can also park easily and free of charge at the zoo. You’ll find more information at the end of this article.

From Paris

Journeytime: 2h40

Tolls: €16.90 or €23.20 depending on route

From Paris, take theA10 to Orléans, then head for Tours. Exit at Blois, then take the D956 then the D675 to Saint-Aignan. Or, at Orléans, take theA71 towards Vierzon, then theA85. Exit at Saint-Aignan, then follow the signs to ZooParc de Beauval.

From Rennes and Le Mans

Journeytime: 3h

Price: €25.20 toll from Rennes, €12.80 from Le Mans

From Rennes, take theA81 to Le Mans. Take theA28 to Tours, then theA85. Exit at Saint-Aignan and follow the signs to ZooParc.

From Nantes and Angers

Journeytime: 2h40

Toll: €25.70 from Nantes, €16.90 from Angers

From Nantes, take theA11, then turn off onto theA85 just after Angers. Exit at Saint-Aignan and follow the signs to ZooParc de Beauval.

From Clermont-Ferrand

Journeytime: 2h40

Fare: toll €25.80

From Clermont-Ferrand, take theA71 to Vierzon, then follow theA85 to exit 12 Saint-Aignan. Follow the signs to Zoo de Beauval.

From Limoges

Journeytime: 2h10

Fare: no toll

From Limoges, you can take the A20 to Châteauroux, then follow the departmental roads to Zoo de Beauval. Follow the D943 to Villedieu-sur-Indre, then the D76 to Argy, the D11 then the D81 to Nouans-les-Fontaines. Finally, follow the D675 to ZooParc.

Please note that the park’s exact address is as follows: ZooParc de Beauval, Avenue du Blanc, 41110 Saint-Aignan.

By train and shuttle bus

Navette Beauval

Photo credit: Facebook – Région Centre-Val de Loire

Another ideal way to get to Beauval Zoo is by train. Several stations surround the animal park. The park has even set up a shuttle bus service to Blois-Chambord station.

You can take a train to the SNCF stations at Blois, 45 minutes from Beauval, or Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, 55 minutes away. To reach the ZooParc from either SNCF station, simply take a cab, opt for the shuttle bus or carpool.

The shuttle runs from spring to autumn. Dates can be found on the official Zoo de Beauval website. Linking the Blois SNCF train station and the Beauval ZooPark, the shuttle takes into account the SNCF timetable for the « Paris Austerlitz-Blois » line. It also serves the towns of Contres, Noyers sur Cher and Saint-Aignan. The shuttle costs €3 one way, €6 return.

From Paris, Blois is only 3 hours by train. The journey generally costs between €23 and €30 per person. From Orléans, the journey takes 40 minutes and costs €12 per person. From Nantes, the journey takes an average of 4 hours and costs around €30.

You can also take a train to the Saint-Aignan – Noyers-sur-Cher TER station, just 8 kilometers from the park. If you’re coming from Tours, you’ll want to use this station. The journey takes 50 minutes and costs just €12 per passenger.

By bus


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Vytautas Kielaitis

The Flixbus bus company sometimes offers a bus service between Paris and Beauval Zoo for as little as €13 per journey. The service operates only at weekends and during the park’s peak opening periods.

With the exception of this very convenient line, the bus is not necessarily the most practical way of getting to Beauval Zoo. However, it remains an excellent option for getting to the city of Tours. Flixbus also offers a number of low-cost return trips to Tours from Paris, Angers and Nantes:

  • From Paris, the bus journey takes 3 hours and usually costs €20;
  • From Angers, the journey takes 1 hour 40 minutes and costs €10 per passenger;
  • From Nantes, the journey takes just under 3 hours and costs €16.

To this price must be added the transfer to Beauval Zoo, by TER train, carpool or cab.

By cab


Photo credit: Shutterstock – LongJon

Where: From Tours or Blois

Journeytime: between 50 minutes and 1 hour

Fare: between €90 and €140

As mentioned above, you can easily reach Beauval Zoo by cab. If you want to travel from your accommodation, for example, to the surrounding towns, this is the ideal means of transport. The official ZooParc de Beauval website lists a number of reliable cabs:

  • Cab Thierry Poitou (phone: 02 54 75 36 88 / 06 09 20 73 32)
  • Cab de Saint-Aignan (phone: 02 54 75 06 06)
  • Cab Jean-Maurice (phone: 06 66 83 42 55)
  • Cab de Châtillon (phone: 06 10 75 34 86)

You can call them from the Saint-Aignan – Noyers-sur-Cher, Tours, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, Blois and Vierzon stations. These are the main towns surrounding the animal park.

How do I park? Parking at Beauval Zoo

Zoo de Beauval has 8 free parking lots, providing a total of 4,000 parking spaces. There is also a free camper van park, reserved spaces for disabled visitors, as well as bicycle and motorized two-wheeler parking.

The parking lots are open at the same times as the park: from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. For more information on Zoo de Beauval’s opening times and dates, visit the park’s official website.