How much can you afford to spend in Melbourne?

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What to expect in Melbourne

Life in Melbourne is a little less expensive than in Sydney, but like Sydney, it’s possible to limit your spending and stay inAustralia ‘s second-largest city without blowing your budget.

Is the cost of living in Melbourne high?

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Like all Australian cities, Melbourne is expensive. But it has a wide choice of hostels for accommodation, which is not to be overlooked. It’s also possible to discover Melbourne on the cheap or for free. You can get free wi-fi at the Library or eat for nothing (see below). The most expensive part of your trip to Victoria is your flight from France to Australia. As the country is a long way from Europe, prices are quite high. To find the best price for your flight, check out Skyscanner‘s flight comparison service.

What’s your budget for accommodation in Melbourne?

You’ll notice that Australia is teeming with young Europeans who have come here to work. And so you’ll notice that Australia has many youth hostels called backpackers. It’s in these types of hotels that you’ll find the best prices. If comfort isn’t always the order of the day, these hostels offer double or 4-person rooms at very attractive prices. However, classic hotels are still quite expensive, and you’ll need to count on a substantial accommodation budget if you want to stay in a good small hotel. Make sure you book well in advance, especially at the beginning of the year when Melbourne hosts the Australian Open tennis tournament and the F1 Grand Prix. Every week there’s an event in town, so hotels are often packed.

Youth hostels: from €15-20 per night

Hotel **: from €40 per night

Hotel ***: from €60 per night

Hotel ****: from €70-75 per night

Hotel *****: from €110-120 per night

Don’t forget to follow the offers in advance to get the best price for the period.

Find a hotel in Melbourne

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How much can you afford to eat in Melbourne?

In the same way as in Sydney, you can cook in your hotel for less and buy your food in supermarkets. Restaurants are not very expensive in the Italian Quarter, but if you want to eat for very little, you should read our article on eating cheap in Melbourne.

Melbourne dining prices:

Street food (kebab, pizza, etc.): from €4 to €6

Coffee in a 7/11: AUD$1

Fast food: €5.20

Economy restaurant: approx. €10

Standard restaurant: approx. €20-25

Chic restaurant: approx. €40-50

Some price ideas in Melbourne

Single public transport ticket: €2.5

Can of Coke: €2 (in store)

Beer (pint ): €4.60

Pack of cigarettes: €13.60

Cab (1 km): €1.20

MyKi (transport card): AUD$6 (€3.90) per card, reload at will

City Circle (Tram): Free

Visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground: AUD$20 (€13) for an adult

Melbourne is, on the whole, an expensive city, but if you take each type of expense point by point, you’ll find that it’s possible to reduce them considerably: cheap hotels, cheap food, free wifi, free visits (museums, cities, districts, parks, beaches, etc.)… If you’d like to calculate your budget over 5, 10, 20 days, 1 month, 2 months, for example, use our travel budget calculator.