How much can you afford to spend in Lisbon?

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The Portuguese capital is becoming more and more European in terms of price, but remains one of the most affordable tourist destinations on the old continent. In the high season, i.e. from Easter through to October, when the weather is warm and sunny and tourists are everywhere, the price of a night in a hotel can double! Accommodation will certainly be the biggest part of your Lisbon travel budget. However, there are many ways to limit your expenses and make the most of your stay in Lisbon.

Is the cost of living in Lisbon high?

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If you compare the cost of living in Lisbon with other European capitals, it’s much lower. A trip to Lisbon will therefore be very affordable, especially if you avoid vacation periods. It also depends on your lifestyle and how comfortable you want to be. Lisbon ‘s youth hostels, for example, are renowned for their comfort and trendy style, and their low prices. When it comes to eating out, it’s the same: if you avoid the touristy restaurants, it’s much cheaper (and better).

Another undeniable advantage: the price of air travel. Lisbon is very well served by low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Transavia and easyJet offer cheap flights from several French cities). Depending on the season, it’s not surprising to find a round-trip ticket for less than €50. You can check out the best deals on Skyscanner. The city center can be visited on foot during a weekend in Lisbon.

What’s the best budget for accommodation in Lisbon?

The accommodation budget will be the trickiest part of your trip to Lisbon. While there’s a wide range of overnight accommodation on offer, low prices are not the order of the day. But then again, it all depends on when you’re traveling. If sleeping in a youth hostel is your thing, then you’ll be well served.

Youthhostels: from €15 per night

Hotel **: from 25-30€ per night

Hotel ***: from €50-60 per night

Hotel ****: from 75€ per night

Hotel *****: 90€ and + per night

Don’t forget to check the offers in advance to get the best price for the period.

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How much can you afford to eat in Lisbon?

Note that in restaurants, petiscos (cold meats, olives, etc.) are brought to you before you order. You’ll be charged for this, so if you don’t want it, leave it alone. In Lisbon, eat fish, the specialty here(bacalhau, Arroz de marisco… and other seafood). As everywhere else, look at the menu before you sit down to study the prices.

Prices for eating out in Lisbon:

Street food (pastries, special sandwiches, etc.): from €1 to €4

Fast food: €5.80

Budget restaurant: 6-8€ approx.

Standard restaurant: approx. €15-20

Fancy restaurant: approx. 30-40

Some price ideas in Lisbon

Single public transport ticket: €1.50

Can of Coke: €1.20 (in stores)

Beer (pint): €1.80

Pack of cigarettes: €4.30

Cab (1 km): €0.50

Pastéis de nata: approx. €1

A single ticket on a typical tramway: €2.85

Admission to Belém Tower: 5€, free for children under 14

Return train ticket to Sintra: less than 5€.

Lisbon is an ideal destination, because it’s always sunny, full of life and culture, and never too expensive. If you’re a backpacker, you’ll need a minimum budget of around €20 per day on site, while if you want a bit of comfort, you’ll need around €40 per day minimum. You can use our travel budget calculator to estimate your future expenses in Lisbon or Portugal.

Where to sleep in Lisbon?

To find out where to sleep in Lisbon, visit our travel site comparator to find out where to book your hotel or youth hostel in Lisbon for all budgets.