How much can you afford to spend in Hanoi?

Hanoi coût de la vie

What to expect in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and will be your base for visiting the north of the country and Halong Bay. You’ll probably be staying in Hanoi’s old quarter, which is also the city’s nicest and liveliest. Your local budget won’t be high, as everything is very affordable. Hanoi is one of the cheapest cities in Asia! Whether for accommodation or food, nothing is really very expensive.

Is the cost of living in Hanoi high?

Hanoi coût de la vie

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The cost of living in Hanoi is not high, as is the cost of living in Vietnam. It’s an ideal country for backpackers and backpackers who want to visit. A week in the capital will cost you between €100 and €180 all-in, depending on your lifestyle (more like €300-350 if you stay in upmarket hotels and go to chic restaurants). What you need to take into account is the budget for your flight from France. The price of a round-trip plane ticket from Paris to Hanoi is quite high, but you may be able to find a flight for less than €500 return, depending on the season. To find the best airfare, check the prices on Skyscanner. And don’t forget the price of the Vietnamese visa, which is not cheap.

What’s the best budget for accommodation in Hanoi?

Let’s face it, accommodation in Hanoi isn’t difficult and, above all, it’s not expensive. You can easily afford a double room in a 3-star hotel. Dormitories in youth hostels may not be your cup of tea… If you check the prices below (price per person/night), you’ll see that your accommodation budget will be minimal. If you’re staying several nights, negotiate the price down to save even more.

Youth hostels: from €7-10 per night

Hotel **: from €8-12 per night

Hotel ***: from €12-20 per night

Hotel ****: from €25-35 per night

Hotel *****: from €45-70 per night

Don’t forget to follow the offers in advance to get the best price for the period.

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How much can you afford to eat in Hanoi?

In Hanoi, you can eat on the street, in the markets, and in the friendly restaurants in the old center. On average, a complete meal (starter + main course + dessert + coffee) won’t cost more than €5 to €7. Enjoy Vietnamese specialties and eat to your heart’s content without spending a fortune.

Prices for eating out in Hanoi:

Street food (Pho soup, egg rolls, etc.): from 0.50 to 2€.

Very economical restaurant: €1.50 to €3

Fast food: €2.80

Economy restaurant: around €3 to €7

Standard restaurant: approx. €8-15

Chic restaurant: approx. €20-25

Some price ideas in Hanoi

Single public transport ticket: €0.20 (better to visit the city on foot).

Can of Coke: €0.40 (in-store)

Beer (pint ): €0.70

Pack of cigarettes: €0.90

Cab (1 km): €0.40

Cyclo-pousse (tuk-tuk) ride: approx. 30,000 – 50,000 VND (Vietnamese dong) for 10 minutes (equivalent to €1 – €1.80).

A Cà Phê in a café or street bar: €0.80 – €1.5

Round trip with day cruise on Halong Bay: between €15 and €25, depending on the travel agency.

One-way fare to/from airport with Vietnam Airlines shuttle (arrival/departure at Quang Trung): 32,000 VND (€1.10)

As you will have noticed, the travel budget for Hanoi is very low, as it is for the country as a whole and even for Southeast Asia. A stay in Hanoi of just a few days or even a long period (for expatriates) will cost you very little. You can calculate your travel budget on the spot using our budget calculator.