How much can you afford to spend in Cardiff?

budget voyage cardiff

What to expect in Cardiff

The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is no longer the industrial city it once was. Today, it’s a culturally vibrant city where everything can be discovered on foot, as the city center is so small. It’s a good base from which to explore Wales and the landscapes it has to offer.

Is the cost of living in Cardiff high?

budget voyage cardiff

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Generally speaking, the cost of living in the UK is 30% higher than in France. But if we take Cardiff as an example, the local cost of living is 20% lower than in London, for example. Your travel budget should therefore be substantial, but not necessarily enormous. And although it’s difficult to get directly to Cardiff by plane, you can still find a cheap flight to Cardiff depending on the time of year.

What’s the best budget for accommodation in Cardiff?

Your accommodation budget in Cardiff will be an important part of your local travel budget. Hotels here are expensive. Of course, there are a few youth hostels to keep costs down, and B&Bs are a good way to soak up the local culture at a reasonable price.

Youthhostel: from €15 per night

Hotel **: from €30-35 per night

Hotel ***: from €45 per night

Hotel ****: from €70 per night

Hotel *****: from €120 per night

Be sure to follow the offers in advance to get the best price for the period.

Find a hotel in Cardiff

budget voyage cardiff

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How much can you afford to eat in Cardiff?

Like accommodation, food prices are a little higher than in France, but once again it’s possible to find small, inexpensive restaurants. However, you’ll need to add a 10-15% tip to the bill, which inflates all prices. So opt for takeaway meals (at lunchtime, for example), which are not affected by the tip. There are plenty of pubs and small restaurants where you can eat on the run.

Prices for eating out in Cardiff:

Mom and pop eateries (small family-run eateries): around €10

Fast food: €5.50

Economy restaurant: approx. €12-14

Chic restaurant: €20-30

Some price ideas in Cardiff

Single public transport ticket: €0.90

Can of Coke: €1.20 (in-store)

Beer: €3.35 per local pint

Pack of cigarettes: €7.90

Cab (1 km): €1.50

Visit to the Millennium Stadium: £9.50 (€11.50) for an adult. Children: £6

A well thought-out travel budget is required for a stay in Cardiff. A backpacker will need to budget at least €22-25 per day, while a tourist looking for a bit of comfort will need to budget at least €45 per day. You can calculate your travel budget to Cardiff using our budget calculator on Toolito.