How do I get to Sardinia from Toulon by ferry?


Instead of Sicily or Corsica, why not head for Sardinia? Here’s our mini-guide to Sardinia from Toulon by ferry!

A small island sometimes forgotten by tourists and sheltered from mass tourism – which makes it a notoriously attractive destination – Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily . It lies to the west of mainland Italy, south of Corsica and north of Tunisia.

Its population of 1.65 million is small compared to its surface area of 24,090 km² (two and a half times the size of Gironde), making it a pleasant « country » to visit. Sardinia’s major assets are its climate, beaches, landscapes, cultural heritage and multi-millennial history, which have forged a strong island identity over the centuries.

Occupied by the Nuraghes, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Genoese and Pisans, it became self-ruled after Byzantium, became a powerful Mediterranean state (the Kingdom of Sardinia, 1720-1861) before becoming part of Italy when the Kingdom of Italy was unified in 1861. In addition to its history, Sardinia boasts a cultural, culinary and architectural heritage not to be missed.

Would you like to travel to Sardinia by ferry from Toulon? There are two options: a direct connection from Toulon to Porto Torres, or a trip with a stopover in Bonifacio. Read on to find out more. Here’s how to get to Sardinia by ferry from Toulon!

Ferry companies linking Sardinia to Toulon


As Sardinia lies in the shadow of its neighbors Corsica and Sicily, it is still little visited by tourists. To reach Sardinia by ferry from Toulon, there is only one shipping company: Corsica Ferries. In the past, you had to make a stopover in Bastia or Ajaccio before crossing Corsica – on your own – to board a second ship in Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio. There is now a direct link to Porto Torres from the port of Toulon.

The famous shipping company Corsica Ferries recently opened this route, with 4 crossings per week. Allow 8 hours for the crossing. Another alternative route to Sardinia by ferry from Toulon is from Toulon to Golfe d’Aranci, with 2 crossings a week. Allow around 15 hours for the crossing.

From Toulon, ships depart in the evening at around 8 or 10 pm, arriving at Porto Torres at dawn at 6 or 8 am. Choose this route if you want to discover the northwest and west coasts of Sardinia, and spend less time on the roads.

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Plan a ferry trip to Sardinia with Direct Ferries

Cala Gonone, Sardaigne

You might be tempted to book directly on the official Corsica Ferries website. However, using a shipping company comparator allows you to see the best offers and fares according to departure and arrival ports.

The Skyscanner of shipping is called Direct Ferries. It’s a search engine that compares available crossings at the dates and times requested by the user.

For example, enter a trip to Sardinia by ferry from Toulon from August 1 to 15. The comparator sorts the possible journeys among the companies operating a service to a Sardinian port (Porto-Torres, Golfe d’Aranci or Olbia). These are Moby, Tirrenia, Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) and Corsica Ferries.

Of course, if you want to go to Sardinia by ferry from Toulon, we’re interested in this last company. If you can’t get to Toulon at the times indicated, try the port of Genoa and the Italian companies! From France, departures to Sardinia are also possible from the ports of Marseille, Nice and Corsica.

How do I book a ferry to Sardinia from Toulon?


Have you already decided on your vacation dates? If you know exactly when you’ll be leaving, we advise you to book your ticket in advance to avoid prices skyrocketing, as they do for airline tickets. After all, the peak of the summer tourist season means inflation on tickets, as demand increases in relation to a constant supply.

Booking your ferry trip to Sardinia from Toulon is as easy as paying online for any other service. On the Direct Ferries website, start by entering your desired travel dates, times and destination port.

The search engine asks for the number of passengers, any pets and the vehicle (type, model, make of vehicle or pedestrian passenger). Then compare the different results. As the day of the outward and/or return journey may differ from your initial dates, you may need to be flexible on one or two days.

Once you’ve chosen your crossing, you’ll be asked to select your cabin type (2, 3 or 4 berths), your meal preferences (continental breakfast, self-service meal, etc.), your seat, and then proceed to a page asking you to enter your contact and personal details. Proceed to payment, and welcome to Sardinia!

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