How do I get to Morocco by ferry from Spain?

Ferry Maroc

Are you planning a vacation in Morocco? Why not choose freedom and take the ferry from Spain to the other side of the Mediterranean with your vehicle?

Mediterranean culture, Arab influence, Roman remains, rich food and sanguine temperament… Morocco and Spain are two countries that share much more than a common sea. A sea you can cross to reach the African continent in less than 2 hours on board a ferry!

Discover the wonders of Morocco, its flamboyant landscapes, medieval cities, fragrant, multicolored souks and much more! Awaken your taste buds with one of the world’s richest gastronomies, and discover the warmth of its people on a trip that will remain etched in your memories.

Disembarking in northern Morocco gives you the chance to discover one of the country’s most densely populated regions! Discover the port of Tangier and its whitewashed houses, the rich history of the capital Rabat, Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco, and the Andalusian city of Tétouan. As you can see, there’s plenty to do here.

Why not try the adventure of taking a ferry to Morocco from Spain? By leaving with your own car, you’ll have the luxury of enjoying the country with total freedom, and you’ll also be opting for an environmentally-friendly solution! Convinced? Follow the guide!

Ferry companies linking Morocco to Spain

Rabat, Maroc

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There are 8 companies offering ferry services from Spain to Morocco. They link 6 Spanish ports and 4 Moroccan ports.

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to reach southern Spain to take a ferry to Morocco. From north to south and east to west, here are the 9 different routes you can take:

  • From Barcelona in Spain, reach Nador (company: Grandi Navi Veloci) and Tangier Med (companies: Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines) in Morocco;
  • From Almeria in Spain, reach Nador in Morocco (companies: Balearia, Naviera Armas, Trasmediterranea);
  • From Motril, go to Tanger Med (company: FRS) and Al Hoceima or Nador (company: Naviera Armas);
  • From Malaga, go to Tanger Med (company: Balearia);
  • From Algeciras in Spain, join Tanger Med in Morocco (companies: AML, Balearia, FRS, Inter Shipping, Trasmediterranea);
  • From Tarifa, reach Tangier (companies: FRS, Intershipping).

Please note: Tanger Med is a large industrial port located 1 hour’s drive from the center of Tangier.

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Plan a ferry trip to Morocco with Direct Ferries

Tangier, Maroc

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How can you be sure of taking the route that best suits your plans? Direct Ferries is a platform that selects the best crossings according to the criteria you have entered. The site operates worldwide, covering over 2,500 shipping routes and 700 ferry ports!

Select your departure and arrival cities, your dates, the number of passengers (including pets) and the characteristics of your vehicle. From there, Direct Ferries offers you the most economical routes. To do this, it compares the offers of all the companies that allow you to make the crossing.

By consulting the platform, you can not only compare the best offers and study your travel options, but also book online once you’ve made your decision. In short, no more headaches!

How do I book a ferry to Morocco from Spain?

Agadir, Maroc

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Of course, the first thing to do is to choose the port of departure and the port of arrival. Study your project carefully! Perhaps you’d prefer to drive to the south of Spain to save money and discover the regions you’ll be passing through? If so, head for the ports of Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, Tarifa, near the Strait of Gibraltar, or Algeciras.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to cross Spain, you’d rather be efficient, even if it means paying more? If so, you can leave Barcelona for Nador or the port of Tangier Med. The crossing will take approximately 30 hours, but all you have to do is let yourself go. And if you don’t have a car, this could be the most economical solution too!

In short, the longest crossing is « Barcelona – Tangier Med », which takes around 30 hours, while the shortest is « Tarifa – Tangier », which takes just one hour.

As far as prices are concerned, they vary according to crossing, company, type of vehicle and season. If your first criterion is budget, leave from Malaga or Motril. You can get away with less than €150, whereas departures from Barcelona can climb to over €600 in high season. Of course, remember to book as early as possible!

When should you leave? The frequency of ferry departures to Morocco varies from once a week to 12 times a day, depending on the port and company. On average, there are 75 daily connections! For the best prices, avoid the months of July and August, when prices tend to soar.

Last but not least, you can choose from a range of options for your crossing: sleeping accommodation, private bathroom, meals, etc. Modulate your trip according to your desires, your needs and, of course, your budget.

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