How do I get to Corsica from Nice by ferry?


Planning to visit Corsica on your next vacation? Discover our guide to getting to Corsica from Nice by ferry!

Known as the Isle of Beauty – and rightly so – Corsica is renowned for its mountainous landscapes adorned with steep paths, crystal-clear coves, sandy beaches, marine reserves and scrubland with a wealth of floral species. Almost half of the island is classified as a nature park. To visit Corsica is to discover one of France’s most beautiful regions.

Joined to France in 1768, and often drowned out by clichés, this little piece of land has had a hard time making its wealth and uniqueness known. For several years now, this bewitching island has welcomed almost two million tourists, with thousands of hikers venturing along the GR20 trails – which cross the island from north to south – and thousands of tourists coming to sample the island’s heavenly beaches and rich seabed.

Corsica, a land of contrasts, is home to two major cities: Bastia to the north and Ajaccio to the west. They are the gateways to this island jewel for all travelers keen to discover this little piece of paradise. Corsica is accessible by air, but also by sea, thanks to a single ferry company that links Bastia, Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio and Ile Rousse from Nice.

Ferry companies linking Corsica to Nice


Since January 2019, there’s only one ferry company offering services to Corsica from Nice: Corsica Ferries. From Nice you can choose between Corsica Shuttle or Mega Express, the fastest ferries to the Isle of Beauty. There are up to 5 ferry departures a day to Ajaccio, Bastia, L’île-Rousse and Porto-Vecchio.

The shipping line plans daily rotations with relatively flexible schedules. Departures are from the Port of Nice, located at the Port de Commerce, Terminal 1. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before departure. If you choose to travel by ferry, you’ll be able to take your own car with you, giving you the freedom to explore the steep, winding roads of the Corsican mountains. It’s one of the best ways to discover this charming and mysterious island.

There are also ferry services from Toulon – in the Var department, 1h40 from Nice – which allow you to disembark at the same Corsican ports as the Nice-Corsica line, with fairly frequent rotations. There are also crossings from Marseille. So there are plenty of ways to discover this pearl of the Mediterranean.

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Plan a ferry trip to Corsica with Direct Ferries


The best way to plan your crossing to Corsica from Nice is to use the Direct Ferries website. This is a ferry crossing comparator that allows you to consult and book your ticket efficiently from over 1,000 crossings operating in Europe and North Africa.

Once on the website, all you need to do is enter your port of departure, your destination, your travel dates, your preferred departure times, the number of passengers and their ages, the number of pets and your means of transport (bike, car, motorcycle, camper van, van or no vehicle). Direct Ferries will compare prices and timetables and will indicate the best available fares according to the information you have entered.

As an indication, a booking in June 2019 for a Nice-Bastia round trip from July 20 to 27 during the day including a car and 2 passengers over 18 costs 282 euros. The crossing takes 5 hours.

How do I book a ferry to Corsica from Nice?

Maritime transport works in the same way as air and rail transport: the further in advance you buy your ticket, the more likely you are to get tickets at suitable rates. Prices tend to fluctuate according to booking dates and dates of stay. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to book your crossing several weeks in advance, as this will give you more choice in terms of timetables and fares.

Visit the Direct Ferries website and :

  • Select your connection from Nice to Corsica from the four sea routes on offer: Bastia, Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio and L’île-Rousse.
  • Enter your preferences in terms of departure dates and times, the number of passengers, the number of pets, and the type, make and model of your vehicle.
  • Choose your ticket type

Opt for a standard ticket, i.e. non-refundable but modifiable, or buy a superior type of ticket – called a flex – which is modifiable and refundable. In the case of the latter, be sure to read all the conditions attached to the ticket, as charges may still apply if a refund is requested.

  • Choose the options for your crossing

Whether it’s an assigned seat, the type of cabin if you’re traveling at night, a meal or priority boarding. All these options are optional and will increase the price of the crossing.

  • If you wish, take out cancellation insurance

Insurance prices vary according to shipping route and travel dates. Please note that ticket change fees can be as high as 35 euros.

  • Then compare the different prices offered by the search engine and make your choice.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your vacation!

See ferries between Nice and Corsica