How do I get from Lisbon to Porto?

Quels transports entre Lisbonne et Porto ?

If you’re visiting Portugal, there’s one city you can’t miss: Porto. Here’s our guide to getting to Porto from Lisbon!

You’ve visited Lisbon and are wondering how to get to Porto from Lisbon? Portugal’s second-largest city – Porto – lies 310 kilometers north of the capital. The two cities can be reached by four means of transport: bus, train, car and plane. Here’s how.


Portugal’s main bus company is Rede Expressos. There are twenty daily departures to Porto from Lisbon bus station, and the journey takes between 3h30 (line 50) and 4h30 (line 11). A one-way ticket to Porto from Lisbon will cost €19 per adult, €9 per child and €15 for senior citizens. You can buy your tickets online on the company’s official website, but please note that you can’t buy your ticket on board: without an internet connection, go to Lisbon’s Sete Rios bus station (« Jardim Zoológico » metro station on the blue line). The terminus in Porto is at the Garagem Atlantico bus station. To get to Porto from Lisbon, we took the bus, one of the most economical solutions.


You can get to Porto from Lisbon by train, but this will be considerably more expensive. From Lisbon, trains depart from Lisboa Santa Apolonia station. Trains are chartered by the national company Comboios de Portugal and tickets must be purchased online or at the ticket office before boarding. There are two types of train to choose from: Alfa Pendular (2h30) and Intercidades (3 hours). There are 14 daily departures in each direction, so choose your schedule carefully. Expect to pay between €30 and €42 (normal and comfort class) for Alfa Pendular trains and between €24 and €36 for Intercidades trains. In Porto, you’ll arrive at Campanha station, to the east of the city. A second train must be taken to go into the center, to Sao Bento station (only a ten-minute journey).


How do I get from Porto to Lisbon with a rental car? Renting a car in Lisbon is easy, but be sure to check all rental conditions (insurance, excess, mileage, etc.). In Portugal, toll freeways can be expensive. This is the least economical way, but you’ll have plenty of time to explore the landscapes of central Portugal (Torres Vedras, Lourinha, Obidos, Nazaré, Coimbra).


You can get to Porto from Lisbon by plane, with flights starting from €10 or €20. The airlines operating this route are Ryanair and TAP Portugal. The flight from Lisbon to Porto will take an hour, but you’ll also need to add time for baggage check-in and passing through security gates, plus boarding. What’s more, it’s the least environmentally-friendly solution. You can book your flight from Lisbon to Porto on Ulysse.

Main photo credit: Flickr – Pablo Nieto Abad