How can you pay for your plane ticket with vacation vouchers?

Convenience, savings: paying for your plane ticket with vacation vouchers has nothing but advantages. Here’s how.

A city, region, country or continent appeals to you and you’re lucky enough to have vacation vouchers? It’s a great way to travel or take a few days off while protecting your budget. The people who benefit from them make no mistake. They can fly to the destination of their choice.

Some air ticket agencies offer this convenient and economical payment method. If you too would like to pay for your flight with vacation vouchers, Generation Voyage will show you how. Simply pack your suitcase, and we wish you a pleasant journey!

1. Why pay for your flight with vacation vouchers?

Pourquoi payer votre billet d’avion avec des chèques vacances ?

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The vacation voucher is an aid scheme available to workers, enabling them to pay for holiday-related services. It’s a book of checks in denominations of €10, €20, €25 and €50. You can use it to pay for your hotel, restaurant or leisure activities, for example.

It can also be dematerialized: the €60 e-holiday vouchers enable online payment to tourism professionals. In fact, it’s a rather clever way of giving a helping hand: the beneficiary pays for part of the vacation vouchers, while the employer (or works council) pays for the other part. Vacation vouchers are valid for 2 years. And there’s more: your other half or your children can use your vacation vouchers. How convenient! And good news for travel enthusiasts: they can be used in France and throughout the European Union.

As you can see, this flexible system offers a number of advantages and helps you keep your budget in check. Do you suddenly have a destination in mind? Sea or mountains? Huge plains or crowded metropolis? No matter – you can now pay for your plane ticket in full or in part with vacation vouchers, so think again!

2. How can I pay for my plane ticket with vacation vouchers?

Who accepts vacation vouchers?

You can pay for your plane tickets with your vacation vouchers if the departure and/or arrival airport is in the European Union. This naturally includes the French overseas departments and territories. A handful of airlines accept them, such as Air France. But this is a French company (like vacation vouchers) and one of the few to do so. What’s more, you’ll have less flexibility if you use an airline. Airlines impose constraints and formalities on the beneficiaries of these magic tickets…

Travel agencies and flight booking sites are more likely to take them. There are many players in the travel market, competing with varying degrees of success. We’ve chosen Ulysse, one of the best. Both a travel agency and a flight comparator, it lets you find the best flight at the best price… while paying for your plane ticket with vacation vouchers! Travel in excellent condition and for nothing, that’s Ulysse.

How Ulysse works

Ulysse offers you a complete service to simplify your life and pay for your plane ticket with vacation vouchers. Booking a flight is as simple as two minutes. Have you entered your travel preferences and registered your payment card? In just a few clicks, you’re flying wherever you want, and with the airline of your choice. Over 450 companies are available for all destinations. Ulysse stands out for its dynamic, responsive customer service. Our exclusive, personalized assistance team is on hand to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter.

If you have vacation vouchers, these will simply be exchanged for Ulysse travel credits, a kind of promotional code. There are no hidden fares or commercial Trojan horses – it’s as simple as that. If the price of your chosen air ticket exceeds that of your travel credit, you’ll have to pay the difference. On the other hand, if the fare is lower than the amount of your Ulysse credits, you obviously keep the latter… and have the opportunity to use them for a future destination. What’s more, unlike vacation vouchers, Ulysse credits have no expiry date. Isn’t life great?

How to sponsor friends

Ulysse is a cool, generous company that strives to please everyone… including your friends and family. You can (and are strongly encouraged to) sponsor your loved ones through an incentive program. Simply invite the people you want, or those you want to travel with. Once they’ve bought their ticket, they save €10 on it, and you earn €10 in travel credits. Simply share the code provided by Ulysse with your friends and family and get great discounts for the trip of your dreams.

What’s more, you can offer gift cards that can be used to finance all or part of a trip. A great idea for your globetrotting friends’ birthdays! Gift cards are fully customizable on request. Oh, and one last thing: Ulysse has thought of everything when it comes to group travel. You can book the trip for everyone and let everyone pay their own way: not bad for avoiding arguments once you’re on the plane!

3. How can I use Ulysse to pay for my plane ticket with vacation vouchers?

Here, we’ll tell you all about Ulysse’s smart booking protocol. To begin, go to ulysse. com and access the registration form (free, of course). Fill it in, validate it and… get your vacation vouchers ready. All you have to do is send them by registered post to the address indicated. Once they’ve been received and checked, we’ll send you an e-mail to let you know that your vacation vouchers have been processed.

And then the magic happens: your Ulysse account is topped up with a certain number of travel credits. They can be used without date limit, on any airline and for any destination in the world. Paying for your flight with vacation vouchers has never been easier. What do you think?