How can I claim compensation for a delayed flight?

Have you suffered a flight delay? Under European regulations, you are entitled to compensation for a delayed flight. Find out how to obtain it easily!

Did you know that in the event of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight, you are entitled to compensation ranging from €250 to €600 per passenger? Few travelers are aware of their rights and of the European regulation (n° 261/2004 or EC 261/2004) concerning flights! The proof is in the pudding: every year, 5 billion euros go unclaimed: a substantial sum that could be redistributed to travelers who are victims of delayed or cancelled flights. So many people are wronged by flight delays or cancellations, and receive no financial compensation or indemnity.

To help you get compensation for a delayed flight, and to find out more about the European regulation, we’ve put together a guide on how to get financial compensation for a delayed flight! Because now Indemniflight can help you get compensation if your flight is delayed.

Our editorial team explains how this compensation works and the advantages of using free expert services to obtain your reimbursement easily.

Compensation for flight delays: the principle

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The aim of a delayed flight compensation service is to assert your rights under the European regulation, and ensure that you receive a refund or financial compensation. It’s a legal service that will take charge of all the compensation procedures under the European regulation. As mentioned above, depending on your case, you can obtain compensation ranging from €250 to €600 per passenger.

This is what such a service seeks to determine: are you entitled to compensation or not? Then, if there is a possibility of compensation for a delayed flight, the service will take care of the various and tedious steps involved in obtaining it.

This is the case with Indemniflight: as your partner, Indemniflight’s team of legal experts can handle all the administrative procedures for you, free of charge. Indemniflight is the only company to take a commission of only 25% (incl. VAT) on your final compensation, and only if you are successful. Unlike private individuals, who quickly find themselves at a disadvantage when dealing with the airline, Indemniflight has considerable leverage: it has access to a large database, teams specialized in European regulations, and considerable lobbying power. Committed to your side in this legal process, the experts will dissect the airline’s arguments for the delayed or cancelled flight (thanks in particular to air traffic control software such as Euro Control), make a claim for reimbursement and, if necessary, take the airline to court (the company boasts a 96% success rate).

Flight delay compensation: how does it work?

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To qualify for compensation for a delayed flight, you must be more than 3 hours late arriving at your final destination, or at least 2 hours late in the event of cancellation including a replacement flight. No extraordinary circumstances (bad weather, strike, political instability, etc.) must have occurred for you to be entitled to this compensation. If the airline is responsible for the delayed flight, it must offer financial compensation for the delay.

However, the latter frequently abuse this argument of extraordinary circumstances. This is what the online service will try to determine before investigating your case and obtaining compensation. So, if you’ve suffered such a flight delay, you can submit your case to experts, usually providing the number and date of the delayed flight, as well as your flight documents (ticket or e-ticket, boarding pass, booking confirmation email): this enables expert companies like Indemniflight to verify the airline’s arguments. The procedure is therefore extremely quick for you.

The benefits of working with a claims specialist

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Flight delays are a frequent occurrence, and compensation experts offer a variety of strategies for dealing with them. While they all have their advantages, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Which offers the best advantages in your case?

To give you an idea, and again by way of example, we have listed the advantages of working with Indemniflight :

Telephone support (not all companies offer this service)

– Some of the lowest rates on the market (25% incl. VAT vs. 25% + VAT)

– No company filtering (some companies do not accept files from specific airlines, notably easyJet)

Good relations with European airlines/regulators

There are three other major advantages to enlisting the help of legal experts to obtain reimbursement for a delayed flight:

  • Increase your chances of obtaining compensation for your delayed flight

With their extensive database of exceptional and non-exceptional circumstances, our compensation experts can provide you with effective legal support, which can carry a great deal of weight in the event of legal action.

  • You don’t have to deal with lengthy procedures and exchanges with the airline

Getting compensation for a delayed flight takes time. Companies like Indemniflight save you time by managing the procedure from A to Z, while determining from the outset whether you have a chance of obtaining a refund.

  • Costs are generally lower than what you would spend to obtain compensation for a delayed flight (premium rate calls, legal fees, etc.).

Because it’s all about your money, compensation services take only a reasonable commission on the amount you recover, even though they handle all the legal procedures, including a possible lawsuit with the airline. You don’t incur any costs.

Flight delay compensation: frequently asked questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions you might have before using an online compensation service for a delayed flight:

What are the exact situations in which you can claim compensation for a delayed flight?

According to European regulations, you are entitled to compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight if:

– Your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours on arrival at your destination, or if you are the victim of a cancellation or overbooking. Please note that you must have been notified of the flight delay less than 14 days before departure.

– Your flight must be operated by a European airline, or depart from a European airport, regardless of the airline.

– Your delayed flight must not be the result of exceptional circumstances. Under European regulations, these circumstances can include bomb threats, volcanic eruptions or disastrous weather conditions. The service conducts an investigation to determine whether the circumstances put forward by the airline are valid or not.

How much compensation for a delayed flight can you receive?

In practice, the amount of your compensation depends on the distance of the delayed flight:

Compensation: conditions
Distance Amount of compensation
Less than 1500 km 250€
Between 1500 and 3500 km 400€
Over 3500 km 600€

The airline has offered you a snack, accommodation or a seat on a new flight. Can you still get compensation?

These services are generally mandatory. In the event of cancellation, for example, your ticket must be reimbursed or you must be rebooked on a new flight. In the case of a delayed flight, these services do not prevent you from obtaining compensation if the delay conditions are met. If the flight delay has incurred additional costs (meals, accommodation), you can in fact claim reimbursement from the airline by providing invoices.

Your flight was delayed by less than 3 hours, but the delay prevented you from boarding a connecting flight. Can you claim compensation in this case?

Normally, you can obtain compensation as long as the delayed flight involves a missed connection and is operated by a European airline.

For any other questions, please consult the website or FAQ of the compensation service of your choice. And don’t hesitate to contact them for further information!