How and where to rent a jet ski in Pornichet

Port de Pornichet

Jet ski rental in Pornichet is a must-do summer activity. Between discovery and thrills, it invites you to explore the Atlantic coastline!

Pornichet is an unusual little town in the Loire-Atlantique region of western France. For centuries, it has stood on the ocean coast between Saint-Nazaire and La Baule.

In the Armorican Massif, it seems to be at the crossroads of the most beautiful regions of our country. As a result, it attracts many European tourists every year. Its coastline makes it easy for summer visitors to enjoy their vacations.

But its wild landscapes are also a treasure trove for nature lovers. And there’s nothing like a trip along the coast to help you discover it. You could try a jet ski rental in Pornichet. Between adrenalin and an exceptional setting, what could be better than a most unusual activity?

What type of jet ski can I rent in Pornichet? The different types of session

Jet ski pornichet

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If you want to rent a jet ski in Pornichet, you’ll have to choose between different types of session. For example, you could opt for an introductory outing lasting 15 or 30 minutes. You’ll be accompanied by a state-certified instructor, who will introduce you to this water sports activity.

Alternatively, you can try your hand at this hobby as a passenger on a seadoo. A professional will then take charge of driving the watercraft, allowing you to fill up on adrenalin. Both types of jet ski rental in Pornichet make excellent baptisms for travelers.

However, you could also rent a jet ski in Pornichet for a longer excursion. Our service providers offer a range of tours for participants. You’ll be able to explore the Atlantic coastline and its treasures.

This trip, lasting just a few hours, will give you plenty of thrills. Finally, it’s also possible to rent a jet ski in Pornichet with a boating license. In this case, participants can ride unaccompanied by a certified instructor.

How much does a jet ski rental in Pornichet cost?


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The price of a jet ski rental in Pornichet obviously varies according to the service provider and the session. What’s more, the price does not include any deposits required by the companies. However, it is possible to reserve a watercraft for two people, for the same cost.

For a thirty-minute outing, you’ll pay between €60 and €80 per seadoo. A forty-five-minute ride, on the other hand, costs between €80 and €100. Obviously, longer excursions are more expensive for travelers. Renting a jet ski in Pornichet for a two-hour ride generally costs between €150 and €180.

However, these rates apply to jet ski rentals in Pornichet without a boating license. For holders of such accreditation, prices are often more expensive. These people will be able to ride the waves unaccompanied by an instructor.

In this way, providers include the cost of insurance in the cost of reservations. What’s more, the personal watercraft they use are more powerful and therefore much more expensive. For a one-hour session with license, for example, the average cost is 125 euros. Similarly, a two-hour outing will cost around 200 euros.

How do I rent a jet ski in Pornichet?

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Renting a jet ski in Pornichet is a very popular activity during the summer season. However, the tourist crowds can easily prevent you from trying out this leisure activity.

In fact, service providers only have a limited number of watercraft available. That’s why it’s highly recommended to book a jet ski rental in Pornichet. By contacting the companies, you’ll be able to ride on the day you want.

You’ll also be able to find out about the conditions for this activity and any deposits required. What’s more, you’ll have access to all the information you need about safety and the rules of the road.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that all participants without a boat license will be accompanied. Jet ski rental in Pornichet is indeed a leisure activity accessible to all. Even if you don’t have a boat license, you’ll be able to try your hand at the sport.

All you need to do before setting off is to attend a briefing by a state-qualified instructor. He or she will, of course, be with you during the ride, to advise you on how to drive. He or she will also help you explore the magnificent Atlantic coastline. So you’ll have plenty of thrills and discoveries to make!

Do I need a permit to jet ski in Pornichet?

You can rent a jet ski in Pornichet without a boat license. People with this type of accreditation can, in fact, ride personal watercraft that are more powerful than others. What’s more, they can explore the coastline unaccompanied.

Our tips for jet skiing in Pornichet

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You can rent a jet ski in Pornichet from the age of 16. For minors, however, parental authorization is required. Younger children can only ride as passengers on personal watercraft.

We therefore advise you to find out more before hand on the service providers’ websites. In particular, you’ll be able to find out about the conditions for renting a jet ski in Pornichet. For example, you’ll be able to anticipate any deposit that may be required.

What’s more, we recommend that you book your activity in advance. That way, you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of crowds.

If you want to rent a jet ski in Pornichet, you’ll be provided with all the necessary safety equipment. The service providers will provide you with a life jacket for this water sports activity. It’s also a good idea to wear a swimsuit or wetsuit. This will prevent you from falling.

Nevertheless, sunglasses and sun cream are recommended. In summer, the Atlantic coast can be particularly hot and sunny. For hikes lasting several hours, we also recommend taking a bottle of water and a snack.

When is the best time to jet ski in Pornichet?

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to rent a jet ski in Pornichet. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the mild Atlantic climate.

Ideas for jet ski tours in Pornichet

Croisic, Bretagne

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Rent a jet ski in Pornichet and discover the magnificent Atlantic coastline. You can explore the treasures of this exceptional coastline. In particular, you can opt for a trip off the Ile des Evens.

What’s more, you can cruise along the magnificent Côte Sauvage, from Batz to Croisic. Ideally, you should ask your instructor for advice on the must-see places along the Baule coast.