How and where to rent a jet ski in Crete

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Have you ever thought of renting a jet ski in Crete? In this exceptional setting, you could fill up on adrenaline while having fun!

Crete is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. The island’s fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters are a real draw for travellers. A region steeped in history, it is also an incredible place of discovery for holidaymakers. But its greatest treasures are hidden in its exceptional coastline. You can explore them with a jet-ski rental in Crete!

Off its coast, you’ll find the incredible Santorini archipelago and its thousand-year-old volcanoes. Rent a jet ski in Crete and discover these fabulous landscapes. In the heart of a wild, almost untouched setting, you’ll enjoy the pleasures of this nautical pastime.

What better way to get your thrills?

What type of jet ski to hire in Crete? The different types of session

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Jet ski rentals in Crete are mainly available in the major cities. In particular, you can book a jet ski trip in Heraklion or Rethymnon. You can choose between different types of session. For novices, for example, you can hire a jet ski in Crete for around 30 minutes.

An instructor will show you the island’s fabulous coastline. He or she will also brief you on the rules of conduct at sea. What’s more, you can opt for a longer outing, from forty-five minutes to an hour. You’ll have plenty of thrills as you explore the incredible Greek coastline.

Jet ski enthusiasts can also rent a jet ski in Crete. You’ll be able to choose from a range of exceptional tours. These invite you to discover the Mediterranean, while getting your adrenalin pumping. These excursions can last from two to four hours, depending on the service provider. Of course, the best thing to do is to book your session according to the places you wish to explore. From Perivolos to Kampia, Red Beach to the volcanoes, you’re in for an adventure.

What’s more, this water sports activity is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone.

How much does a jet ski rental in Crete cost?

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Jet ski rental in Crete is a popular summer activity for travelers. In fact, it invites them to explore the coastline while enjoying a full range of thrills. However, rates vary according to the service provider and the type of session selected.

For example, a thirty-minute outing costs an average of €60. For a forty-five minute ride, you’ll need to calculate between €100 and €160, depending on the company. You can, of course, compare prices between service providers to get the best deal.

However, hiring a jet ski in Crete for a longer trip is bound to be more expensive. If you opt for a two-hour excursion, the average cost will be €250 per watercraft. For a three-hour outing, you’ll need to budget between €350 and €400.

Similarly, a four-hour or half-day trip costs between €500 and €700. However, these prices only apply to the seadoo reservation. Some providers allow an additional passenger for the same price.

How do I rent a jet ski in Crete?

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If you’re interested in renting a jet ski in Crete, the best thing to do is to check out the service providers’ websites. Each company has its own booking and payment conditions. So it’s best to find out what these are before you arrive. For example, some companies charge extra per jet ski if you take a passenger. Similarly, you may be required to pay a deposit, depending on the type of session you choose.

What’s more, you’ll be able to book your excursion in advance. This way, you can avoid the inconvenience of the island’s tourist crowds. You can contact the tour operator by telephone or book online.

Jet ski rental in Crete is a particularly popular activity with travelers. However, visitors to the island are often of many different nationalities. So it’s not really possible to rent a jet ski in Crete in complete freedom. All outings are accompanied by a certified instructor or guide. If you have a boating license, you’ll need to reserve your personal watercraft for a tour.

You won’t be able to ride the waves at your own pace, without a guide. However, we bet you’ll be able to fill up on thrills and discoveries. The Mediterranean coastline is full of fabulous treasures and landscapes.

Do I need a permit to jet-ski in Crete?

Jet ski rental in Crete is open to everyone, from the age of 16. Unlike other destinations, however, the boating license does not give access to specific outings. For legal reasons, service providers prefer rides accompanied by an instructor.

Our tips for jet skiing in Crete

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You can rent a jet ski in Crete from the age of 16. However, minors must have parental permission or be accompanied by a guardian. What’s more, booking rules and conditions may differ from those in France. For example, most service providers only speak English, German or Greek.

If you don’t speak any of these languages, you won’t be able to rent a jet ski in Crete. You need to be able to understand your instructor for the safety briefing. Similarly, you’ ll need a valid driving license to reserve a personal watercraft. In some cases, you’ll also need to pay a deposit before you can set off on your Mediterranean adventure.

When you rent a jet ski in Crete, you’ll be provided with all safety equipment. Before setting off, an instructor will give you a briefing on driving at sea. At the same time, he’ll lend you a certified lifejacket. We also recommend that you wear a bathing suit. During your excursion, you may indeed fall into the water or wish to swim.

Also, it’s best to opt for water shoes or sneakers. This will prevent you from slipping on the watercraft’s platform. Of course, we also recommend sun cream and sunglasses. All that’s left for you to do is fill up on adrenaline and enjoy the magnificent Greek landscape!

When is the best time to jet-ski in Crete?

The best time to rent a jet ski in Crete is undoubtedly summer. This Greek island is indeed an ideal destination for summer visitors. In particular, they can take advantage of the extraordinary Mediterranean climate.

What’s more, you can relax on the beach after your activity.

Ideas for jet ski tours in Crete

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The Greek coastline is one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Renting a jet ski in Crete will allow you to enjoy these fabulous coasts. For your tour, you could head off to discover theSantorini archipelago.

You’ll discover incredible beaches and mysterious volcanoes. But you could also opt for an excursion along the island’s coastline. The island’s extraordinary coves and untamed setting are sure to give you a change of scenery. Whatever you choose to do, we bet you’ll get out of your comfort zone.