How and where to rent a boat in La Ciotat

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Would you like to rent a boat in La Ciotat? Find out how and get all the information you need for a Mediterranean outing!

As the gateway to the Parc National des Calanques, La Ciotat attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year in search of sunshine and the good life. But what if this year you decided to discover the town’s natural heritage in a different way? With a boat rental in La Ciotat, explore the calanques as you’ve never seen them before! Generation Voyage guides you on how and where to rent a boat in La Ciotat.

What type of boat to rent in La Ciotat?

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La Ciotat is home to all types of boats, from the smallest to the largest. As a result, you can rent all kinds of boats, from no-license boats to sumptuous yachts and classic sailboats. You can also rent a boat in La Ciotat for sea fishing.

Hull, inflatable, zodiac, motorboat or sailboat, there are plenty of boats for hire in La Ciotat to suit everyone.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in La Ciotat?

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The price of a boat rental in La Ciotat depends on the season, the type of boat, and the duration of the rental.

  • Unlicensed boats for beginners start at €180 for a half-day during the summer, and €300 for a full day;
  • With a boating license, you can hire a medium-sized boat (between 50 hp and 250 hp) from €300 for a half-day and €450 for a full day. The presence of a skipper increases this price by around 200€, whether for a half-day or a full day;
  • Finally, boats such as vintage sailboats, catamarans and yachts are generally rented with a skipper, for between €400 and €3,000 a day.

Please note that most fares do not include fuel. Depending on your provider, you may need to refuel before or after your sea excursion.

How do I rent a boat in La Ciotat?

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Renting a boat in La Ciotat is almost child’s play. In fact, many boat owners and professional service providers offer their boats to holidaymakers for an excursion at sea, from a few hours to several days, alone or accompanied.

Despite a significantly higher price, if you’re not familiar with the type of boat you’re renting, or simply with sailing at sea, it’s best to use the services of a skipper. Accustomed to sailing on his or her own boat and in the local area, he or she will ensure a safe outing, and may even be able to introduce you to piloting!

Find all the boats for rent in La Ciotat on platforms dedicated to this activity, such as Samboat. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to find the boat you’re looking for among all the offers from private owners and professionals. Enter your dates, rental location and desired options, and easily get in touch with the owners.

You can complete your boat rental in La Ciotat by adding some leisure equipment. For a few dozen extra euros, most service providers will provide you with diving or fishing equipment, a paddle, or even wakeboards for you to enjoy away from the crowds.

Do I need a license to sail in La Ciotat?

To sail in La Ciotat, you don ‘t need a boating license as long as you rent a boat without a license. For all other boats, however, you will need a license. If you don’t have one, you can hire the services of a skipper who will pilot your boat rental in La Ciotat for you.

Our tips for boating in La Ciotat

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La Ciotat has 4 harbors: the Old Port, the Port de La Ciotat, the Port des Capucins and the Port de Saint-Jean. The new La Ciotat marina is the main one for boat rentals. Accessible at any time of day or night, every day of the year, it comprises two basins:

  • the Capuchin church, sheltered from the wind ;
  • Bérouard, difficult to access with strong south/southeast winds.

It welcomes all types of craft, from fishing boats to yachts over 40 meters long. Mooring rates depend on the category of your boat and the season. During the summer months, prices are as follows:

  • Category A: €12.40;
  • Category B: €14. 87;
  • For category C: €17.35;
  • In category D: €21.07;
  • Category E: €24.80;
  • In category F: €27.26;
  • For category G: €30.99;
  • In category H: €34. 72 ;
  • Category I: €39.68;
  • In category J: €44.63;
  • For category K: €49.58;
  • In category L: €54. 54 ;
  • Category M: €76.48;
  • In category N: €82.34;
  • For category O: €94.11;
  • In the P category: €111.75.

Rates for yachts 20 m to 40 m long range from €199.81 to €419.59.

Boats under 13 m can also call at La Ciotat’s old port, right in the heart of the old town. There are 300 berths for visitors. Rates are the same for all the city’s ports.

When is the best time to sail in La Ciotat?

The best season for sailing in La Ciotat is undoubtedly spring. In fact, May and June generally enjoy pleasant weather, while not yet facing the summer crowds of the Mediterranean coast.

Ideas for boat trips from La Ciotat

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Looking for inspiration for your boat trip? Here are two itinerary ideas from La Ciotat.

A day to discover the calanques

It’s impossible to rent a boat in La Ciotat without taking in one of the local wonders: the famous calanques. Head for Ile Verte as you leave the port, and in just a few minutes you’ll reach this wooded gem. You’ll then reach the Calanque de Figuerolle, with its renowned seabed for diving. Pass Anse du Cannier and the high cliffs of Cap Canaille, behind which lies a magnificent sandy beach.

After a break on the beach, head back out to sea towards the Bay of Cassis to discover unforgettable new calanques: Port-Miou, Port-Pin and En-Vau. You then return to La Ciotat via the open sea to enjoy a unique panorama.

Diving Riou Island

From La Ciotat, head for the island of Riou to enjoy its rich seabed. Just a few miles off the coast, it’s home to numerous colonies of seabirds and a few falcons. Renowned for its diving spots, you’ll also find a number of ancient wrecks and caves, evidence of millennia of human presence.

Now you won’t have to worry about your next boat rental in La Ciotat!