How and where to rent a boat in Figari


The best way to discover Southern Corsica? By sea! Renting a boat in Figari is a unique opportunity to enjoy the island of beauty in a different way.

At the crossroads of mountain and sea, Figari is a must-see village in southern Corsica. Here, nature has fashioned a rugged, wild territory, where coves and beaches offer a picture-postcard landscape. Take advantage of your stay to rent a boat in Figari and explore its treasures.

What to do, what to see and where to go, Generation Voyage tells you all about yacht charter in Figari.

What type of boat to rent in Figari?


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Ideally situated at the end of a magnificent protected bay, Figari is a popular place for pleasure boating. In fact, you’ll find a wide range of boat models for rent, from private owners to professionals.

In Figari, you can rent a rigid boat, such as an open hull accommodating 4 to 10 passengers, a cabin cruiser or a speedboat, or a semi-rigid inflatable boat such as a zodiac, which is easier to maneuver.

Catamarans and sailboats are also plentiful in this little corner of Corsica. Whether under sail or motor, you have easy access to a range of models that can carry from 6 to 12 people.

However, there is no boat rental without a license in Figari.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Figari?


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The model of boat and the season determine the prices of boat rentals in Figari.

A medium-powered motorboat (between 50 hp and 200 hp) can be rented from €200 for a half-day during the summer season, and €300 for a full day. A skipper on board increases the price by an average of €150.

Catamaran rental in Figari is only available with the captain on board, or one of his skippers. Rates range from €800 to €3,000 per day.

Finally, sailboats are also usually rented with the services of a skipper. To enjoy a sea outing aboard these magnificent boats, you’ll need to pay between €400 and €900 per day.

Good to know: in addition to the cost of chartering a boat in Figari, you’ll need to add the price of fuel. Fuel is rarely included, and you’ll need to fill up with the owner when you return from your trip.

Rent a boat to explore Figari

How to rent a boat in Figari


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There are few professional boat rental companies in Figari or near the marina. Instead, most rental offers come from private individuals. You can rent a boat in Figari for a few hours or a few days, alone or accompanied.

It’s important to note that it’s always preferable to have a skipper on board, as he or she is familiar with the boat, the sea and local regulations.

Find all the boat rental offers in Figari on booking platforms dedicated to private charter, such as Samboat. Samboat will show you in real time all the private and professional owners in the vicinity who have a boat for you to rent, either on your own or with the captain on board.

It allows you to rent your boat in Figari in just a few minutes by comparing prices and services.

Why not take advantage of your sea outing to try your hand at snorkelling or paddling away from the crowds? In fact, for a few extra euros, most service providers offer flippers, snorkels and masks for admiring the depths, as well as paddleboards, wakeboards and towed buoys for water sports enthusiasts.

Do I need a permit to sail in Figari?

You need at least a coastal license to sail in Figari. However, if you don’t have one, you can always hire the services of a skipper to help you discover the joys of boating in complete safety.

Our tips for sailing in Figari


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You can anchor in Figari bay, or moor at the Pianottoli-Caldarello marina. The latter is located just a few minutes from Figari. It has 91 berths, and can accommodate pleasure boats up to 35 meters on the pontoon, and up to 15 meters on the buoys.

Relatively well sheltered from the wind, access can be made difficult by the presence of several unobstructed dead bodies. What’s more, the middle of Figari Bay is used as a training area for canadairs, so it’s compulsory to go around it, and impossible to anchor there.

The main rates for the Pianottolo-Caldarello marina are as follows:

  • Boats under 5 m: € 14.00;
  • 6 m : 16,80 € ;
  • 7 m : 19,60 € ;
  • 8 m : 22,40 € ;
  • 9 m : 25,20 € ;
  • 10 m : 28,00 € ;
  • 11 m : 31,70 € ;
  • 12 m : 34,60 € ;
  • 15 m : 43,20 €;
  • 18 m : 53,30 €.

Please note that it is not possible to fill up at the port. The nearest fuel station is at the port of Bonifacio.

Rent a boat to explore Figari

When is the best time to sail in Figari?

The period from May to October is certainly the most pleasant for sailing in Figari. In fact, these are the months with the mildest weather.

Ideas for boat trips from Figari

Lavezzi island

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Not sure where to go for your boat trip in Figari? Here are two ideas for itineraries from its marina.

From Figari to the Lavezzi Islands

From the bay of Figari, head south to the Pointe de Sperone, at the southernmost tip of the island of beauty. On your way, you’ll come across the beautiful Fazio beach, the Sdragonato and Orca caves, and pass Cap de Pertusato.

You’ll then reach the famous Pointe de Sperone, from where you can reach the Lavezzi islands by sailing along the surprising cliffs, where hanging houses are perched. Anchor near the largest of the islands, Lavezzu. A nature reserve, it offers visitors an abundance of nature in picture-postcard landscapes!

Cape Pertusato

Just 1h30 from Figari lies Cap de Pertusato. To get there, you follow the steep coastline to the sumptuous calanque of Fazzio and its turquoise waters teeming with multicolored fish. You continue along the Bonifacio cliffs, passing the « Grain de Sable », before reaching your destination.

Rent a boat to explore Figari