Hotels, flights, activities: the best travel comparators

We all use them to organize our trips: what are the best travel comparison sites on the Internet today?

The aim of travel comparison services is to make it easier for you to find the best price for your flight, hotel or all-inclusive holiday. And yet, there are so many comparators out there that it’s easy to get lost. While each comparator has its advantages, not all are equal, and this means you need to carry out the same search on several comparators.

So we thought it would be a good idea to list the travel comparison sites in each category, so that you can sort through the best ones. This mini-directory of comparisons has been created to help you organize your trip more easily, from booking your flight to buying a ticket to see the sights on site. Thanks to these site recommendations, you should be able to organize your trip from A to Z at the best price, and in just a few clicks.

Step by step, for each part of your trip, you’ll find the best comparisons we can recommend, based on our own opinion and the reputation and relevance of these sites’ results.

1. The best flight comparators

Billet d'avion pour un tour du monde

We’ve already compiled a list of the best flight comparators, along with tips on how to find the best airfare. Air travel is one of the biggest expenses on a trip, and finding the cheapest flight allows you to make the most of your time on the ground. The secret to finding a cheap flight is flexibility of date and time of booking.


Logo Kiwi, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: At Generation Voyage, we’ve adopted Skyscanner to find our plane tickets at the best prices. Along with Kayak, it’s the reference for finding the best deals.

Our favorite option: Skyscanner lets you search for flights to an entire country (e.g. all of France). This allows you to see all your options without having to search airport by airport. You can also search for the price of a flight over a whole week or month to see which days are the cheapest.

Kayak Logo Kayak, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Kayak is another flight comparator offering a search optimized by the number of options available. What’s more, for some flights, Kayak allows you to book directly on its site, which is not only faster, but also avoids having to refuse all the options associated with a plane ticket (cancellation insurance, etc…).

Our favorite option: the « KAYAK Mix » option, which allows you to find better round-trip prices by combining tickets issued by different airlines. It can be confusing the first time, but the option can sometimes save you a lot!

AlgoflyLogo Algofly, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Algofly is an important player in the flight comparison landscape, as it offers a detailed analysis of all the queries made on its site. This makes it possible to know at what time of year to buy your plane ticket for your chosen destination. For example, if you want to fly to Amsterdam from Paris in September, Algofly will send you weekly alerts to keep you up to date on airfares.

Our favorite feature: As mentioned, it’s the email alert feature that makes this flight comparison service so interesting. We’re always frustrated to see the price of a ticket increase a few days after we’ve searched for it, and Algofly helps limit this loss of money.


Logo Momondo, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Momondo is similar in many ways to Kayak and Skyscanner, but offers options that make it a major player in the sector.

Our favorite option: The « extend search to neighboring airport » option in the flight search comes in very handy. If you’re flexible about your destination airport, you can save several dozen euros if you want to land not far from your original destination.

2. The best hotel comparators

Service chambrs hotel room service

Finding the right hotel is crucial when you’re traveling, as it’s the key to a great stay. Knowing which neighborhood to stay in, finding the best price, unearthing the best options and good deals… only hotel comparisons can give you visibility on the best hotels in a neighborhood or city. From industry pioneers to newcomers, hotel comparisons are as established as flight comparisons. Logo Booking, comparateurs de voyage

Reviews: Booking is the benchmark for booking accommodation online. With a huge community of users, reviews allow you to quickly get an idea of the hotel you want to book. Whatever your destination, there’s a good chance you’ll find a hotel with a good deal on price.

Our favorite option: The ability to see the best deals immediately.

Trivago Logo Trivago, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Trivago has become the benchmark for hotel bookings because it compares all hotel booking sites as well as official hotel sites. In short, Trivago scans the web and gives you the cheapest price for hotels in your target city.

Our favorite option: What makes Trivago so successful is its simplicity. When you launch your search, the most important information is immediately displayed: price, reviews and, if applicable, free WiFi and breakfast included.


Logo HotelsCombined, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: HotelsCombined works on the same principle as Trivago. In fact, the two comparators were created in the same year (2005). Once again, HotelsCombined compares the best hotel offers from the major travel sites.

Our favorite feature: the « Today’s deals » tab, which highlights the biggest discounts spotted by HotelsCombined. Logo, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: is the American arm of the Dutch company The site offers pretty much what does.

Our favorite feature: We liked the option of paying online or at the hotel, as well as the ability to cancel up to the same day.

3. The best activity comparators

Touristes idiots

Consumers have become accustomed to booking their own flights and hotels on the Internet, and buying activities and excursions is the next logical step. Without planning anything in advance, many travelers waste an inordinate amount of time organizing their stay on site, queuing to enter museums and monuments, and not always paying the best price. To help travelers, there was a need for a comparator where they could find all the activities and monuments at the best prices.


Logo Doyoogo

Review: Doyoogo is the world’s leading activity comparator. The site compares the prices of thousands of tourist attractions, tickets and tours in the world’s major cities. You may not be aware of it, but when you want to book your ticket to a monument online, the price for the same ticket can vary greatly from one site to another. In addition to comparing prices, Doyoogo also serves as a travel guide for organizing your stay in advance.

4. The best stay comparison sites

Vélo électrique Lisbonne

The various flight comparators mentioned above offer comparisons of all-inclusive holidays and combined flight+hotel tickets. Some, like Momondo and Kayak, offer excellent tools. But some sites specialize in all-inclusive holidays. Here’s a look at the best all-inclusive travel comparison sites.


Logo Expedia, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Expedia works in partnership with the major players in the travel industry to offer tailor-made holidays. Cruise enthusiasts will find numerous offers all over the world, as will those looking for all-inclusive ski holidays, last-minute stays or combined flight+hotel offers.

Our favorite option: No favorite option in particular, but we appreciate the depth of travel possibilities with Expedia, which is one of the world’s largest travel sites.

Liligo Logo Liligo, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Liligo is a very comprehensive comparator, especially for flight searches, since it supports most low-cost airlines. For holidays, we like the « Circuits » tab, which will delight fans of organized trips.

Our favorite option: In addition to the classic airlines, Liligo also compares flight comparators with each other. What’s more, you can carry out a multi-destination search (3 destinations).

AlibabuyLogo Alibabuy, comparateurs de voyage

Opinion: Alibabuy lists nearly 15,000 holidays in over 140 destinations. The offer is very wide and varied, as you can search for stays, weekends, vacation rentals or flight + hotel packages.

Our favorite feature: ease of use.

5. The best car rental comparators

Louer une voiture pour un road-trip

Car rental can be likened to sightseeing and activities. In fact, there are many companies offering car rentals, but Internet users have to carry out the same search on different sites to find the best offer. Fortunately, there are a number of car rental comparison sites that can help you find the best deal.

Flight and hotel comparison sites also offer car rental comparisons, but these three sites specialize in this area:


– Carigami

– Happycar

Which comparator(s) do you use to organize your travels?