Hipster’O’Mètre: The 10 most hipster cities in France in 2018

Les villes les plus hipster de France

Check shirt wearers, vinyl diggers, barista and healthy food enthusiasts… Who are hipsters and where do they go?

It’s been said for some time that the hipster phenomenon is dead. But the protected species that is the hispter still exists, and some French cities are veritable breeding grounds. By cross-referencing data from several sites, Generation Voyage has produced an infographic listing the most hipster-friendly towns(with over 150,000 inhabitants) in France.

For a city to be listed in the ranking, the latter takes into account the number of « hipster » establishments in the city, such as :

  • vegan restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • tattoo parlors
  • vintage and thrift stores
  • and record stores

From this data comes a score assessing the city’s « hipster » potential.

Without further ado, we reveal the results of the French cities that stood out from the hipster-national competition!

Hipster'O'Metre FR

Bordeaux, France’s leading hipster city

Bordeaux comes out on top, ahead of the capital, to take first place in France in this ranking! The « sleeping beauty » is home to the world’s second-largest record store, after Brighton in the UK.

Behind Bordeaux, we find Paris in second place, while Lille occupies the foot of the podium in 3rd place.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of France’s main student cities: Lyon (4th), Toulouse (5th) and Grenoble (6th): Lyon (4th), Toulouse (5th) and Grenoble (6th), followed by two cities representing the West of France: the Atlantic coast and Brittany, with Nantes (7th) and Rennes (8th) almost tied. The last places in the top 10 are shared by two Mediterranean cities: Nice (9th) and Montpellier (10th).

Further down the ranking, we find other French cities – with a few surprises – that also stood out:

  • 11th: Strasbourg (3.4302)
  • 12th: Saint-Étienne (3.2396)
  • 13th: Angers (3.2228)
  • 14th: Toulon (3.2039)
  • 15th: Marseille (2.9134)
  • 16th: Nîmes (2.7800)
  • 17th: Dijon (2.6479)
  • 18th: Le Havre (2.5459)
  • 19th: Reims (2.0130)

Paris, the world’s most hipster city with over 1 million inhabitants

Bordeaux is our hipster capital, ranking 17th worldwide! Paris is the world’s leading city with a population of over one million (49th). The French capital is ahead of metropolises such as Los Angeles (71st), Barcelona (80th) and Berlin (151st).

Now, if you’re looking for a city that’s a little less mainstream, you know where to go!
To your moustaches!

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By the way, what’s a hipster?

Originally a fashion phenomenon that emerged in the 40s, a new wave of hipsterism emerged in the 2000s, fueled by New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

Somewhere between bourgeois and bohemian, the hipster adopts an unashamed attitude; a lover of counter-culture and a contrarian thinker, he wants to create his own way of life.

Nostalgic for the modern era, he sports vintage and retro artifacts to create a unique style and distance himself from the mainstream.