Here’s why the number of heart attacks increases on Christmas Eve!

Verified on 04/12/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
 Voici pourquoi le nombre d’infarctus augmente lors du réveillon de Noël !

End-of-year celebrations are often associated with fatigue, stress and emotions! And for the more vulnerable, the risk of heart attack increases on December 24! We tell you all about it!

Heart-threatening holidays

A study published on December 12 in the British Medical Journal and conducted by researchers from the universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund and Orebro, took a close look at fluctuations in the number ofheart attacks during the festive season.

They noted peaks during this period, especially on December 24 and on January 1, New Year’s Eve. In fact, the figures show thataround 10 p.m. on December 24, the peak of the year is reached!

Of the 283,000 patients admitted to hospital with a heart attack (between 1998 and 2013), the number of heart attacks increases by 37% on December 24 and 20% on January 1.

Take care of the most fragile

When you consider the stress and emotions experienced during those happy family moments and the rigors of winter’s cold, combined with the fatigue of those long days and heavy, fatty, watered-down meals, it ‘s hardly surprising that the elderly and the faint-hearted feel the effects directly!

Good to know: The people most at risk are those over 75, suffering from diabetes or coronary artery disease.

Watch out!
In the event of symptoms – chest pain radiating to the left arm, jaw or back, dizziness, malaise, vomiting, nausea – don’t delay, and call 15 immediately.