Here’s why some sweets are not recommended for vegans

Verified on 10/08/2022 by Guillaume Tabbara, Journalist
Voilà pourquoi certains bonbons sont déconseillés aux végans

These days, veganism is increasingly popular. It’s a way of life in its own right, and doesn’t stop at food: it means refusing to exploit animals or consume animal products.

For vegans, certain sweets are also rejected because they contain animal traces.

Pork gelatin in sweets

The vast majority of sweets are not vegan because they contain animal gelatin. Often pig gelatin, but also pigskin or bones, eggs or milk, as well as colorants made from an insect: cochineal beetles.

This colorant, numbered E120, is used in particular to produce the color red. However, some brands are now taking steps to offer products adapted to individual lifestyles.

What do the candy companies have to say?

Leading candy manufacturer Haribo assumes that it is « sometimes difficult to find sweets whose composition does not include products of animal origin » and therefore distributes a category of vegan sweets, all made without gelatin or animal products.

« We prioritize recipes based on starch, glucose syrup, citric and malic acid », explains the German company. One of its competitors, Lutticlaims: « Gelatin is made from proteins and is used to solidify candies. The proteins are of animal origin. »

Gelatin of animal origin is therefore most often used in soft candies. However, Lutti also offers a « veggie » range in which vegans, vegans or vegetarians will find their favorite confectionery adapted to their lifestyle.

To complete the picture

Some sweets are also rejected by part of the Muslim community. Many sweets contain pork gelatin, the consumption of which is explicitly forbidden in the Koran and therefore rejected by some practicing Muslims.

Online seller of halal sweets, Miralina’s Halal Sweets explains that 80% of gelatins in Europe are of porcine origin, « produced by boiling the bones, hides, eyesight, cartilage and ligaments of animals. »

This process leads practicing Muslims to consume animal gelatin-free sweets, which can then be found in the vegan collections of the brands concerned.