Here’s the healthiest yogurt according to science!

Verified on 05/07/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Voici le yaourt le plus sain selon la science !

Yogurts come in a variety of flavors, from low-fat to stirred or simply plain… There’s something for everyone!

But with so much choice, we often wonder which products to choose? Do you often wonder which yogurt is best for your health? Here’s the answer with a recent American study!

The composition of yogurts meticulously analyzed

For their study, researchers at the University of Amherst Massachusetts compared the nutritional values of plant and dairy yogurts, looking at both macronutrients and micronutrients!

Several yogurts were scrutinized: whole milk yogurts, low-fat dairy products, coconut yogurts, almond yogurts, cashew nut yogurts and oat yogurts.

The researchers used the NRF index, a food rating system based on the nutritional density of foods, to assess the nutritional quality of each individual food.

« This enabled us to compare the nutritional density of yogurts in terms of nutrients to favor (protein, fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin D) and nutrients to limit (saturated fats, total sugars, sodium), » the scientists explain.

A surprising result

According to the results of the study, almond yoghurt tops the podium!

In fact, « compared to dairy yogurts, plant-based yogurts contain significantly less total sugar, less sodium and more fiber », explains the study.

However, «  plant-based yogurts contained significantly less protein, calcium and potassium than dairy yogurts ».

Yogurts were ranked from highest to lowest nutritional density based on NRF index in the following order: almond, oat, low-fat dairy, whole dairy, cashew and coconut.

In short, « almond yoghurts scored significantly higher than all other yoghurts « . A significantly higher result due to low levels of total sugar, sodium and saturated fat!