Here’s the best Christmas present according to Dr. Jimmy Mohamed!

Verified on 18/12/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Voici le meilleur cadeau de Noël selon le Dr. Jimmy Mohamed !

Gifts play an essential role in the Christmas festivities! The exchange of gifts is deeply rooted in tradition, symbolizing the generosity and sharing spirit of the season.

Christmas offers a special opportunity to show affection for loved ones and strengthen family ties.

6 days to Christmas! For those who haven’t bought their present yet and don’t know what to give, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed reveals the perfect gift for young and old alike!

More than a gift, this game is a real daily health ally! Find out more in this article!

The best game to give this year is…

Board games! Yes, playing board games is an integral part of a child’s normal development. Indeed, board games give children the opportunity to learn the rules, memorize them, wait their turn and, above all, manage their frustration in the event of defeat!

In fact, board games (not video games) even enhance certain intellectual abilities!

« Board games are good for the brain. And every game has its benefits. If we take the example of the famous construction games, such as Lego or Kapla, they enable children to develop their manual dexterity, improve fine motor skills and strengthen their attention […]. But it also works with a game of Monopoly, […] etc.  » explains Dr. Jimmy Mohamed.

What about adults?

The benefits of board games also apply to adults!

« If you offer the famous card game Uno, for example, you’re not just offering cards, you’re offering a time when you’ll play together, and this game helps reinforce our social interactions, » says the doctor.

It’s true that at a time when we spend more and more time behind a screen, strengthening (and maintaining) social ties with our loved ones is essential, especially during the festive season!

These games allow us, at least for the duration of the game, to recreate links and interactions!

An anti-ageing remedy?

Did you know that the brain is endowed with great plasticity , enabling it to adapt to our actions and create new connections?

« And board games enable us to create a reserve of new neurons and compensate for those we lose as we age. This reserve is absolutely vital, as it helps to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease,«  explains Jimmy Mohamed on RTL.

Remember : board games are good for the brain (and even better for the elderly)!

And yes, the brain is a muscle that needs to be maintained! When you play, you’re exercising your brain , strengthening memory, attention and concentration.

So this Christmas, make the most of the present and share a moment of conviviality with your loved ones over a board game! Laughter and unforgettable memories guaranteed!