Here’s the best anti-fatigue diet for regaining vitality!

Verified on 01/10/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Voici le meilleur régime anti-fatigue pour retrouver la vitalité !

The way we eat allows us to have more energy throughout the day and avoid feeling constantly tired! That’s right! There really is an anti-fatigue diet capable of giving you vitality and pep for your day!

It’s essential to choose the right nutrients that can help you sleep better, wake up feeling more energized and avoid energy slumps during the day.

Is there really such a thing as an anti-fatigue diet?

There’s no such thing as an anti-fatigue diet, but certain dietary habits and tips are considered by experts to be the most effective in reducing fatigue linked to daily activities and the hectic pace of life we’re subjected to today.

Why are we so tired?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, « there are many ways to describe those moments when you feel so tired you can’t do anything. To be clear, fatigue is more than just drowsiness: it includes physical (weariness or weakness), mental (lack of concentration and acuity) and emotional (lack of motivation or boredom) components. « 

Some causes of fatigue are obvious, such as illness (flu, cold…), overwork, poor diet or stress. Others are more difficult to identify, and can be caused by health problems, age or life changes.

Diet can effectively treat fatigue

« A diet containing low-glycemic index foods – whose sugars are absorbed slowly – can help you avoid the energy mismatch that usually occurs after eating simple carbohydrates or refined starches.  » explains the experts at Harvard Health Publishing.

Low-glycemic foods include whole grains, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, nuts and healthy oils like olive oil.

Be careful!

And don’t overdo the caffeine either! Caffeine increases alertness and sharpens the mind. However, it can also cause insomnia if consumed in large quantities or after 2 p.m.!

To overcome fatigue, nothing beats eating plenty of unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, but also watching what you eat!

The Mediterranean diet is also excellent for fighting fatigue!

It’s also a good idea to divide your food into smaller portions, so you can eat several meals throughout the day to conserve your energy. Because yes, eating smaller, more frequent meals does help fight fatigue!