Here are the toothpastes to avoid according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

Verified on 10/31/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Voici les dentifrices à éviter selon 60 millions de consommateurs !

In its special issue, 60 millions de consommateurs magazine investigated the composition of toothpastes. Experts scrutinized 12 of France’s best-selling toothpaste brands.

Find out which toothpastes and harmful ingredients to avoid!

Toothpastes containing titanium dioxide should be avoided.

In its survey, 60 millions de consommateurs revealed that over half the toothpastes analyzed contained titanium dioxide.

Used in toothpastes for its ultraviolet absorption and white coloring properties, titanium dioxide is nonetheless a toxic substance.

Although it is still authorized in the composition of certain medicines and cosmetics, this additive is banned in all food products in Europe.

And for good reason: it is classified as a  » category 2 suspected human carcinogen by inhalation « . In particular, it is suspected of promoting colorectal cancer.

The health risks of titanium dioxide include pulmonary inflammation, allergic reactions, systemic toxicity and possible carcinogenic effects of nanoparticles. When inhaled, titanium dioxide leads to lung exposure: this is the most problematic case.

To avoid the risk of cancer, ban all toothpastes containing titanium dioxide, sometimes referred to as titanium dioxide or TiO2 and sometimes as CI 77891 or E171.

Did you know that titanium dioxide is also found in our food (sweets, cookies, chewing gum), our cosmetics (toothpaste, cream) and in more than 4,000 pharmaceutical products?

Toothpastes containing abrasive agents are best avoided.

In addition to this carcinogenic substance, toothpastes also contain components that are harmful to oral health, such as abrasive agents like :

  • silica ;
  • calcium carbonate ;
  • alumina;
  • sodium bicarbonate ;
  • clay.

Used to remove tartar plaque and whiten teeth, these powders can have an effect on enamel health. In fact, they can gradually reduce the thickness of tooth enamel.

With this in mind, 60 millions de consommateurs recommends avoiding toothpastes claiming « whitening action« .

Good to know! There are many substances to avoid, so be careful if your toothpaste contains these harmful substances:
Granulometry, too excessive when brushing,
Titanium dioxide, irritating your teeth,
Sodium lauryl sulfate, irritating your teeth,
Potassium sorbate, an allergenic preservative.

Toothpastes to avoid according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

Of the 12 toothpastes screened by the 60 millions de consommateurs team, 4 were judged too harmful because of their composition:

  • Enamel Diamond, charcoal: contains too much charcoal and can lead to long-term enamel deterioration and tooth wear;
  • Sanogyl, vitamin complex gum care: this toothpaste contains too many harmful substances, in particular titanium dioxide and sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • Signal, Haleine Pure: the same applies to this product, which contains titanium dioxide and sodium lauryl sulfate.