Here are 10 fruits with the highest glycemic index!

Verified on 14/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Voici 10 fruits dont l’index glycémique est le plus élevé !

Eat fruit and vegetables, of course, but not just any kind! And yes, some fruits have a high sweetening power known as the glycemic index!

A food with a high glycemic index raises blood sugar levels and encourages the storage of sugar in the form of fat. According to Santé Publique France, in 2020, more than 3.5 million French people will be treated with medication for diabetes. A figure that continues to rise!

It is important to maintain a healthy blood sugar level to prevent associated complications (heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, amputation…).

Are you concerned about your diabetes or simply your figure? Eat the following fruits in moderation, as they have some of the highest GIs!

Remember: the glycemic index ranges from 0 to 100 and is considered high when it’s over 60!


Depending on their degree of ripeness, dates have a glycemic index ranging from 70 (when fresh and yellow) to 100, the maximum index (when brown, wrinkled and very sweet)! It’s best to know before you eat!

Excessive consumption of dates can therefore lead to a high intake of sugar and a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. So be careful!

The cherries

These little red fruits are hiding their secrets! Cherries have a glycemic index of around 63 ! If you’re looking for low-GI berries, choose raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants!


There’s a problem with this exceptionally tasty tropical fruit… Despite its incomparable flavor and taste, pineapple is considered to have a high glycemic index! This fresh fruit has a GI of 59 (on the borderline of what is considered high).


The mango is the second most consumed fruit in the world after the banana! With its iconic tangy taste, it’s no surprise that this fruit has captured the hearts of so many fruit lovers! Despite this, mango has a rather high GI of 51.


Appreciated for its tender flesh and juicy, sweet texture, the lychee has an incomparable flavor! Fresh lychee has a GI of 50, but canned or in syrup is a different story , with a high GI of 79!

The melon

The taste of melon is sweet, juicy and refreshing, offering a delicious, summery mouthfeel. However, like its cousin the watermelon,the melon has a very high GI of around 70!


Very refreshing in summer, watermelon is nevertheless very sweet! In fact, it has a high GI of 75! So eat in moderation!


A delicious summer fruit, apricots have a fairly high glycemic index of around 57 ! This rises to 64 when apricots are in syrup, jarred or canned!

The grape

As with other fruits on this list, black grapes border on the high end of the scale! Black grapes have a GI of 53.

White grapes, on the other hand, have a relatively lower GI ofaround 45, due to their high fibre content! What about raisins? As with many other dried fruits, its GI is even higher, at around 64.


The riper the banana, the higher the sugar content! Very ripe bananas have a GI of 65! Beware of bananas!