Hard-discount products: good or bad for your health?

Verified on 05/07/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Produit hard-discount : bon ou mauvais pour la santé ?

With its tempting slogans « The real price of good things » and « Higher quality, lower prices « , what’s really going on?

Faced with rising prices, more and more consumers are turning to hard-discount chains, while others are still hesitant for fear of discovering what’s really on their plates!

But is paying less necessarily synonymous with poor quality?

In its new issue, 60 Millions de Consommateurs magazine looks at the subject and has conducted a survey of hard discounters! Here are the results.

Rising prices lead to increased visitor numbers

In 2022, food prices rose by 13%! Current inflation is forcing the French to look for ways to stay within their budget.

If for some, low prices hide a wolf, for others, it’s no worse than elsewhere! In March 2023, a study revealed that 60% of French people feel they are restricting themselves when they do their food shopping.

The result? 19% of them intended to change their consumption habits, giving preference to hard-discount chains!

Are the brand-name products sold of the same quality?

For brand-name products, the question doesn’t arise: whether they’re sold in supermarkets or discount stores, the quality remains the same!

The only difference is that some products may retain their foreign-language labels, as stock clearance may come from different countries in Europe!

The reason these brands command lower prices at discounters is precisely because these chains focus on a few flagship products, which simplifies transport and shelving!

And of course, by buying the same product in larger quantities, you can negotiate prices! But what about private labels?

Simplicity is the key to lower prices

The secret is simplicity. « For every need, we have an answer. We have short ranges, which means more volume. If you offer a single reference of ham instead of 100, your volume on this reference is multiplied by 100. This enables economies of scale, attractive price levels and loyalty among manufacturers », explains Benoît Clerc, Purchasing Director at Aldi.

What about product quality in this case?

60 Millions de Consommateurs magazine’s regular tests of consumer products often place discount brands… at the top of the rankings!

This was the case in the May 2022 comparison of chocolate-filled cookies , where Aldi’s Petit Choisi snacks came out on top!

In short, if you want to try out discount chains, don’t hesitate!

However, the main difference between a traditional chain store and a discounter lies in your ability to stick to your shopping list and be less tempted by extra choices!