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Benefit from excellent language training thanks to the expertise of GlobalExam, a key player in online tutoring.

Is learning a foreign language difficult? Not at all! Today, high-performance solutions are available for people who want to learn or improve their language skills. We’d like to introduce you to GlobalExam, one of the very best.

This e-learning platform offers customized online language training and certification. Hundreds of thousands of students, professionals, travelers, expatriates and retirees have already benefited from our intuitive and relevant individualized coaching. Discover all the reasons to join them and become a GlobalPlayer yourself!

GlobalExam, the online platform for language learning

What is GlobalExam?

Since its creation in 2013, GlobalExam has established itself as the leading specialist in online language training. The platform offers tailor-made e-learning courses as well as video courses to enable its learners to discover new languages, master them in a professional context or prepare for the biggest international language certifications.

Today, GlobalExam supports over 1.5 million GlobalPlayers in 80 countries and more than 1,500 companies, training organizations and higher education institutions. The service is based on a tailor-made learning method that enables GlobalPlayers to achieve their learning objectives in record time. Highly personalized, the chosen solution is perfectly adapted to the learner’s language level. In fact, at GlobalExam, training takes place 100% online to guarantee maximum learning quality, simplicity and flexibility. Pedagogical, methodical and technical benefits: a 3-in-1 formula for optimum results.


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GlobalExam sets itself apart by offering comprehensive training and assessment schemes to prepare its learners in the best possible way. Corrected exercises enable them to reinforce what they have learnt before confronting rewarding real-life situations. Progress is monitored by constant feedback from teachers and access to detailed statistics. Gaps and strengths are thus highlighted, to help the learner’s pedagogical development throughout the course.

Our teachers are qualified native speakers with TESOL qualifications, trained in the content of the courses on offer and in solving any problems encountered on the platform. Graded by GlobalPlayers themselves, they are responsible for ensuring the success of their online language training.

Two course formats are available: 30-minute individual sessions, bookable by selecting a time slot in the teachers’ diaries, or one-hour group courses with a maximum of six learners at a time. Video lessons complement e-learning and enable rapid progress. Practice, consolidation of skills, instant feedback, constant follow-up and support… GlobalExam’s online language training has nothing but good things to offer.

GlobalExam values and commitments


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People are at the heart of the teaching profession, including distance learning. GlobalExam provides ongoing support for its learners throughout their training, focusing on three essential values:

  • success, by enabling all participants to progress and achieve a concrete objective… or even exceed it;
  • Confidence, by guiding and motivating learners to enable them to progress rapidly and serenely, and to increase their self-confidence;
  • fun, finally, by offering fun, intuitive training courses on a pleasant, inclusive and dynamic platform.

The various teaching formulas on offer are carefully designed to be easily accessible, whatever your language level. They are also particularly affordable, whatever your budget.

In fact, GlobalPlayers can take advantage of a 50% discount on the entire site on September 5 with the code BACKFLASH50, followed by a 40% discount on the entire site from September 5 to 11 inclusive with the following code: BACK40. The promo code GV20 will be the key to a 20% discount on all language accompaniments, with no expiry date. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offer and get the online language training of your dreams!

GlobalExam: training for every need

Global Exam

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GlobalExam offers three different tailor-made courses designed to meet the specific needs of each learner. Global General, Global Business, Global Exam: there’s no doubt that one of them is right for you!

Global General

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Global General is GlobalExam’s general online language course. It’s ideal for discovering a new language or perfecting your language skills. Global General courses offer personalized paths based on learners’ prior knowledge and objectives. Progress is step-by-step, with the emphasis on real-life situations. The perfect way to project yourself into the everyday life of a native speaker!

Exercises, fun challenges and validation points punctuate the learning process, making it easy to anchor the lessons studied. Global General offers comprehensive support, including revision sheets and optional video lessons with a teacher.

This will enable GlobalPlayers to exchange and practice oral skills for rapid progress and lasting results. If you’re looking for excellent training in English, German, Spanish, Italian or… French, the Global General solution is (par)made for you!

Global Business

GlobalExam - formation en langue en ligne

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The English language training you need to master the subtleties of Shakespeare’s language in the workplace has a name: Global Business. The courses offered are based on an online training platform equipped with pedagogical tools to enhance your professional language skills. Global Business offers training and courses adapted to three language levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Not sure where you stand? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a placement test so you can start your training with confidence.

What’s special about this formula? The courses are adapted to each learner’s objectives: by skill (meetings, telephone, project management, e-mails, sales, grammar…), by profession (marketing, customer service, communication, HR, sales, management…) or by business sector (tourism, banking, construction, design…).

Each GlobalPlayer can choose from 25 different scripted courses, immersing them in almost 500 real-life work situations. Teachers provide video coaching and detailed corrections to ensure optimum progress. Certification at the end of each course rewards the efforts made, proving the newly acquired language level. Ready to learn?

Global Exam

GlobalExam - formation en langue en ligne

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TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TCF, DELF… Preparing for one of these language certifications is not something you can improvise. To ensure you get them in the best possible conditions, choose Global Exam, the best training course for certifying language exams.

For GlobalPlayers who want to practice under real exam conditions, this formula offers a real-life situation. A specially designed e-learning platform distributes sample exercises and virtual mock exams. It enables learners to test their level against over 30,000 questions created by language certification professionals. 37 different tests can be simulated in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.

Global Exam offers a practice mode with several exercises per section of the test for practicing a particular section. In exam mode, you can take mock exams under real test conditions. Timed for total immersion and realism.

Global Exam - formation en langue en ligne

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Detailed corrections and statistics are available to GlobalPlayers on the e-learning platform. You’ll also find the revision sheets and personalized schedules you need to progress at your own pace and in the most efficient way possible. What more could you ask for to perform at your next certification test?

So, which online language training course from GlobalExam will turn you into an impeccable polyglot? Whatever your desires, needs or level, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you place your trust in this leader in language e-learning.

In any case, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the promotional code BACKFLASH50 for a 50% discount on the entire site on September 5 only, then the code BACK40 for a 40% discount valid from September 5 to 11, or the code GV20 which guarantees a 20% discount with no time limit. Your future contacts won’t believe it!