From now on, you’ll need a passport to travel to Morocco

Maroc, passeport obligatoire, Marrakech, Jemaa el Fna

No more identity cards, passports now mandatory for Morocco

Since June 18, 2015, French and foreign nationals have been required to have a valid passport to enter Morocco, including as part of an organized trip.

Morocco has tightened its entry requirements, notably to reinforce security in the kingdom. For tourists, this means that a passport is required if they wish to stay in the country. Until now, an identity card was sufficient for travel to Agadir, Marrakech, Fez and other Moroccan tourist sites.

« For a stay of three months or less, a valid passport (minimum three months) is required. While no visa is required for French nationals, the national identity card is not recognized for entry into Morocco », as stated on the France Diplomatie website.

As reported by the TourMag website, several French travelers from Nantes have recently had bitter experience of this change of formality. Indeed, 28 tourists in the same group had problems entering Morocco on arrival in Agadir, having only their national identity card (CNI) in their possession.

Although 23 of them were accepted after the tour operator’s intervention, « 5 people had to turn back ».

Main photo credit: Wikimedia – Luc Viatour