Flight simulator in Paris: our 7 best experiences

simulateur avion

Fascinated by the world of aeronautics? This article is for you! Generation Voyage presents the best flight simulators in Paris.

If flying has always been a passion of yours, and you’re hesitating to get your private license to fly a plane, this article offers you an alternative: flight simulators in Paris.

Whether you’re looking for your first flying experience, or to improve your skills before taking the plunge, Generation Voyage has put together a selection of the best flying activities in the Paris region.

Airliners, fighter jets, flying courses and even courses to get rid of your fear of flying: you’ll find a wealth of experiences in this article. You’ll be able to treat yourself (or a loved one) to an unforgettable experience several kilometers up in the air, without leaving terra firma! Ready for take-off?

1. Airbus A330 Flight Simulator in Paris

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Nadezda Murmakova

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 30 minutes
  • 💰 Price: €89 / person

This flight simulator experience in Paris takes you away from your video game screens and into a far more realistic experience: piloting an Airbus A330. Become the captain of one of the French airline’s largest airliners, and experience the sensations of professional pilots in this latest-generation simulator.

Choose your flight from a wide range of 24,000 airports, and take control of this 60-meter-long aircraft. After a short 10-minute briefing, you’ll jump into the deep end and refine your techniques to ensure you don’t hurt anyone during take-off and landing. You’ll even be able to simulate breakdowns and emergencies for a little extra adrenalin.

Similarly, for a higher fare, you can fly for up to an hour.

2. Private piloting of an Airbus A320

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – aapsky

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • 💰 Price: €99 / person

Thanks to this flight simulator in Paris, you’ll take command of an Airbus A320 alongside a particularly educational guide. Accessible to children aged 10 and over, this activity in the heart of Paris, in the 13th arrondissement, offers a light briefing before setting off for a 45-minute flight.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple take-offs and landings, and ask your attendant to add untimely difficulties to your flight. You’ll also have a wide choice of airports to choose from, so that every flight is different.

If your young children are also interested in the experience, they can accompany you. In fact, our trainers are happy for them to sit on your lap during the experience. Who knows, maybe they’ll develop a new vocation?

3. Virtual reality flight simulator in Paris

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Andrew Angelov

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIe arrondissement
  • Flight time: 10 minutes
  • 💰 Price: €12 / person

Here’s a first flight simulator experience that’s absolutely ideal for small budgets! For this activity, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, you won’t be sitting in a large simulator. Instead, you’ll be offered a virtual reality helmet, to make the experience less intense and more classic.

The advantage? Here, you can choose at the last minute whether you’d prefer to climb aboard an airliner, a fighter jet or become a real racing pilot! Your instructor will show you your route on a map and explain the basics of VFR piloting. You’ll then take the controls and become the pilot of your dreams.

And if you particularly enjoyed the activity, you can go straight on to a second flight!

4. Airliner training

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sorbis

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 9 hours
  • 💰 Price: €590 / person

Back in Paris’s 13th arrondissement aboard the Airbus A320, but for a very different experience! This time, it’s not just a 45-minute flight that’s on offer, but a complete 9-hour flying course, to prepare you for your private pilot’s license.

In this activity, you will have the right to 4 sessions that you can of course spread over several days, in order to become a master pilot. Between briefings on aviation regulations, study of the laws of aerodynamics, safety rules and other navigation aids (maps, weather sensors, GPS…), you’ll have to take part in several theory lessons throughout these sessions.

Of course, you’ll also be practicing numerous take-offs and landings, as well as flying under all possible conditions. In your final session, you’ll take your place as captain of the Airbus A320, managing your crew throughout the flight. At the end of the course, you will receive your « Cadet » diploma.

Now you’re ready to take the plunge and get real flying lessons.

5. Flying the F35 fighter jet

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Jake Spencer

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 35 minutes
  • 💰 Price: €99 / person

Put an end to leisurely flights on commercial airliners, and get ready for combat with this adrenalin-pumping flight simulator in Paris! Aboard an F35 Lightning II, you’re plunged into the ultra-realism of a fighter flight. At the controls of this American aircraft, you must succeed in your mission. From takeoff to landing, you’re the pilot on board. The feeling of flying is grandiose, and the realism of the scenery incredible in the skies over theÎle-de-France region!

The F-35 was designed by the Pentagon to be one of the most maneuverable aircraft of its generation, and the cockpit replicates the characteristics of this aircraft exactly. The impression of speed is grandiose, and the flights are totally different from those of large airliners. With an HD screen offering a 180° panorama and different flight modes (day, night, various weather conditions), you can carry out the mission that suits you best – surveillance, combat, reconnaissance…

For younger guests, the activity is available from age 10!

6. Overcoming fear of flying

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ilya Studio

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 2 hours
  • 💰 Price: €225 / person

Are you one of those people who clings to the armrests of the plane until they rip them off, every time you take off or land? Does your fear go so far as to spoil your vacation departures and returns? Then this flight simulator activity in Paris is just what you need to remedy the situation.

There’s no one here to tell you that flying is the safest form of transport. Specialists will be on hand to help you understand your phobia and work towards eliminating it. So it’s in two parts – theory and practice – that you’ll finally get rid of your fear of flying.

The first will introduce you to the characteristics of different aircraft, their relationship to gravitational force, and above all explain in detail all the solutions available to pilots in the event of inclement weather. After theoretical training, you’ll be immersed in an aircraft simulator. It’s the exact reproduction of an Airbus A330 cockpit, with radar screens, controls, flight instruments, radio… You’ll witness a classic flight, and discover the conditions in which pilots find themselves.

Believe us, you’ll be captivated and soothed by the calm that reigns in this part of the aircraft.

7. Anti-stress airplane course

simulateur avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – ALPA PROD

  • 📍 Location: Paris, XIIIth arrondissement
  • Flight time: 6 hours
  • 💰 Price: €389 / person

For this flight simulator in Paris, designed to help you overcome your fear of flying, you’ll find the same instructions as for the previous activity. However, this course is more in-depth, with three two-hour sessions.

You’ll get to know the technical details of the aircraft even better, and you’ll be treated to two flights: one in normal conditions, the other in exceptional conditions. You’ll learn all about the pilots’ reactions, and be reassured by their skill levels in dealing with all kinds of problems.