Finland: The best experiences under the midnight sun

Soleil de minuit en Finlande

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Make the most of the midnight sun phenomenon in Finland with these must-see experiences!

As summer approaches, Finland offers the unique experience of living under the light of the midnight sun. This time of year, when the sun never fully sets, offers magical and unforgettable moments! To help you make the most of this experience, we’ve put together the best activities and experiences to discover in Finland during this incredible time. Whether you’re an outdoor or cultural enthusiast, you’re bound to find ideas for experiences to make the most of the infinite light! Are we going?

Strolling along the lakes in the twilight

Kayak Linnansaari

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As you no doubt know, Finland is a real gem for water sports enthusiasts, with its many lakes, rivers and national parks. If you’re looking for a relaxing cruise, don’t miss the daily departures from Kuopio to explore the lake district. You can also observe marbled seals in their natural environment by booking a cruise on Lake Saimaa.

Prefer a more active experience? The Kolovesi and Linnansaari national parks offer canoeing and kayaking routes. And if you prefer a more leisurely canoeing experience, the Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi lakes are a must! Kayaking and paddle-boarding are also popular activities for exploring Finland’s vast expanses of water, as you can discover the islands in the light so unfamiliar to us.

Take a night hike along the most beautiful viewpoints

Randonnée Koli

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For a start, the Kelvenne region is a fascinating destination with its « esker » landscapes and flora. The trails of Koli Park also offer superb walks to admire the beautiful orange colors of the Midnight Sun.

The Helvetinjärvi trails, located in the eponymous national park, offer spectacular views of cliffs and lakes: you’ll be able to witness the most beautiful spectacles that nature has to offer. Finally, the Patvinsuo trails, also in the nature reserve of the same name, allow you to explore unspoilt marshes and picturesque lakes.

Try a Finnish wellness ritual under the midnight sun

Baignade Finlande

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Imagine swimming in a lake in the middle of the night, under a warm, brilliant light. Nature is transformed as the sky floods it with reddish colors and irresistible charm. Doesn’t it make you want to?

The waters warm up from June onwards, allowing you to take full advantage of swimming and the midnight sauna. In the evening, take advantage of the midnight sun to practice yoga, play golf or attend one of the many open-air festivals. You can also discover the rich and tasty local gastronomy (smoked wild salmon, freshly picked mushrooms, local berries…) and dine in Finnish restaurants at any time of night!

Take part in the cultural events of these endless days

Seurasaari Helsinki

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Let’s talk festivals. The Midnight Sun film festival and the Jutajaiset folk festival are ideal opportunities to discover Finnish culture in a festive atmosphere. Take part in open-air screenings and traditional music and dance performances.

In the south, the summer solstice is the ideal time to discover the Midnight Sun. The island of Seurasaari, in Helsinki, offers traditional Midsummer festivities not to be missed. You can also attend a rock festival in the Lake District. In any case, unforgettable sleepless nights are guaranteed in the company of locals for festive moments!

Helsinki’s sleepless nights


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Welcome to Helsinki! In summer, the capital takes on a very different face, as it pushes you towards the islands, so numerous in the vicinity and each more beautiful than the last. By taking advantage of the islands, the sea and the many activities on offer around the city, you’ll be able to find a happy medium between urbanity and wilderness.

The city’s beaches are the best example. You’ll always find people dancing, listening to music, partying or chatting… With this special, soft light, you’ll never see the hours go by.

Spending nights under the orange sky

Mökki Finlande

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What if you opted for a wilderness camping bivouac? Spend the night in the wilderness and live to the rhythm of this almost eternal twilight. Be sure to follow the rules of conduct for wilderness camping, and avoid camping on cultivated land such as nature reserves, national parks and beaches.

Let us introduce you to « mökki », the Finnish country house. It’s an emblematic part of Finnish life. Finns usually go there with family or friends to live in harmony with nature. If you rent one, you’ll often find yourself on the shores of a lake or in the heart of a forest. So you can find inspiration in the midst of nature and relax in peace! Mökkis are also equipped with an indoor or outdoor sauna, for a complete relaxation experience.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the many activities and experiences to be enjoyed under Finland’s Midnight Sun, we’re sure you can’t wait to set off on your adventure! But we’re also curious to hear your own suggestions for making the most of this unique time of year. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!