Finland by motorhome: tips, areas, itineraries

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Finland by motorhome promises an unforgettable adventure! Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for your roadtrip.

Want to immerse yourself body and soul in wide-open spaces? Finland is the ideal country to travel in a motorhome or camper van. It’s home to some forty nature parks! You’ll find enchanting wild landscapes: vast lakes, stretches of forest as far as the eye can see… But Finland will also charm you with its many romantic villages.

Here’s how to prepare for Finland in a motorhome!

Route ideas in Finland by motorhome

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Looking for ideas for motorhome itineraries in Finland? Finland is to be savored. Indeed, it’s above all its end-of-the-world atmosphere that will remain engraved in your mind. Its vast, untamed landscapes are well worth a visit, to gently soak up the magic of the place. Got a week or a fortnight to spare? If so, it’s best to visit just one part of the country, and come back later.

Here are two ideas for 10-day itineraries. Linking the two allows you to discover the country’s main points of interest. A must if you have at least a month to explore Finland by motorhome!

Discovering the South

Southern Finland is an unspoilt region. Its landscapes alternate between lush boreal taiga and vast agricultural fields. On the shores of the Baltic, the coast rips into a multitude of small, rocky islands. The dark colors and vastness of the coastline paint an intense picture, unique to the country.

But Southern Finland also attracts visitors for its cultural richness. This is where the majority of the population is concentrated, especially in Helsinki, the capital. The towns and villages have a unique charm. The region’s little plus? Despite what you might think, the climate is pleasant in summer!

  • Days 1 and 2: DiscoverHelsinki. Open the doors of the restaurants to sample the local specialities!
  • Day 3: Head east to Porvoo. On the way, stop off at St. Siegfried’s Church in Sipoo ;
  • Days 4 and 5: reach the Repovesi National Park and plan your hikes. For the more courageous, a swim in one of the park’s lakes may bring good luck!
  • Day 6: Head for Turku via Helsinki. On the way, don’t miss the Saint-Laurent church in Lohja and the pretty village of Fagervik ;
  • Days 7 and 8: Discover part of the Finnish archipelago from Turku. In particular, the Kasnas, Högsara, Kimito and Oro islands;
  • Day 9: Reach Rauma ;
  • Day 10: Return to Helsinki.

Discover the North

For those who love to lose themselves in untouched, untamed nature, Northern Finland is a true paradise. Here, you cross the border of the Arctic Circle. The climate is harsh, especially in winter! However, the polar night is sometimes illuminated by the Northern Lights… Breathtaking landscapes await you.

In the deep forests and white expanses, biodiversity is rich and surprising. Further north, you enter Finnish Lapland. This is your chance to discover the culture of the Sami, the indigenous people of this transnational region.

  • Day 1: Arrival in Rovaniemi. Visit Santa’s village. Don’t miss the Arktikum center dedicated to the Arctic world;
  • Day 2: Return trip to Kemi to discover the ice castle;
  • Days 3 and 4: traverse the Pyhä-Luosto park. In addition to hiking, the program includes a visit to the Lampivaara amethyst mines:
  • Days 5 and 6: Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Park, near the Russian border. An ideal place to see the northern lights! Stop off at the gold village of Tankavaara;
  • Day 7: Drive to Inari to discover Sami culture at the Siida Museum;
  • Day 8: Cross the Lemmenjoki National Park to enjoy its valleys, woods and waterfalls ;
  • Penultimate day: Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park;
  • Last stop: Kittilä.

Rent a motorhome in France

Driving a motorhome in Finland: traffic rules you need to know

Partez à la découverte de la Finlande en camping-car. Et admirez des aurores boréales

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The first thing to consider when driving a motorhome in Finland is the weather. The country’s extreme weather conditions will have a major impact on driving. Some secondary roads may be blocked in winter. In short: be vigilant!

Nevertheless, Finnish roads are in excellent condition. Traffic flows smoothly. It should be noted that it can sometimes be difficult to find gas stations in isolated areas. Outside built-up areas, encounters with wild animals (reindeer, elk, etc.) are not uncommon.

The speed limit is

  • 50 km/h in built-up areas ;
  • 80 km/h outside built-up areas ;
  • On the freeway, the limit is 120 km/h. However, in winter, it drops to 100 km/h.

In any case, the speed limit for motorhomes is 80 km/h on the entire road network! Beware of the many speed cameras!

Here are some traffic rules that differ from France:

  • Low beams must be on 24 hours a day;
  • On traffic circles, priority is given to incoming traffic;
  • On multi-lane roads, overtaking on the right is permitted;
  • It is forbidden to park against the lane;
  • It is forbidden to park within five metres of a crosswalk;
  • Children under 12 years of age must be transported in an adapted seat;
  • Streetcars always have priority.

The maximum alcohol level is the same as in France: 0.5 g/L of blood.

Freeway tolls in Finland: how much does your class of motorhome cost?

Good news: there are no tolls in Finland! You can travel freely throughout the country.

How and where to rent a motorhome in France?

Would you like to explore Sweden in your motorhome or van, for example? It’s now easy to rent a motorhome in France. What’s the best way? The best way is to use platforms that put people in touch with each other, like Yescapa, for example.

How does it work?

  • First, you need to choose the motorhome in your city (e.g. Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Paris, Montpellier or Marseille).
  • Make sure you choose unlimited mileage, check the number of berths available and whether international travel is possible.
  • Make your rental request online and share your travel information (dates, rental options, mileage, etc.) with the owner.
  • If your request is accepted and after payment, you will have access to the owner’s contact details to arrange a first meeting.
  • On the day, present your driver’s license and pay the deposit.
  • An inventory of fixtures is drawn up and a rental contract signed by both parties. On your return, after having driven all over Sweden, you sign the return inventory and that’s it!

Rent a motorhome in France

How and where to rent a motorhome in Finland?

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To rent a car in Finland, you must be at least 19 years old and have held a B driving license for at least 1 year.

It’s best to plan ahead! It would be a shame not to find anything when you get there… Here are the main features to consider when choosing your vehicle:

  • Number of berths;
  • Kitchen;
  • Shower and toilet;
  • Heating / Water heater;
  • Storage space;
  • Electric range;
  • Water autonomy.

Where can you rent a motorhome, van or camper van in Finland? You’ll find turnkey solutions on online rental platforms. Prices are around €100 per day for two people. Departure points are usually Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

You can also take advantage of private rental platforms. Prices will be lower, and you may even be able to glean some valuable tips from the owners!

Here are a few rental platforms: WorlWideCampers, CoolDrive Nomad, VanCraf Finland, Campanda…

RV parks in Finland: where to park?

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Wild camping is allowed in Finland. So much for being a paradise for converted vehicles! Of course, you must always respect your surroundings. Don’t park too close to wilderness areas, so as not to disturb the flora and fauna.

But you’ll also find motorhome service areas throughout the region. However, there aren’ t many of them, and most close in winter.

Want to find the best spots to enjoy Finland in your motorhome? Download the park4night app, which lists the best places to park around the world. You’ll also find it useful to locate points for emptying and refilling water.

Finally, don’t hesitate to knock on the door of the Finns if you can’t find a place! They’re very hospitable and may be able to offer you a spot in their garden. The same goes for water, which can sometimes be hard to come by.

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How do I get to Finland in a motorhome?

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The most remote country in Europe if we take its northern side, Finland is nonetheless magnificent and accessible by motorhome. Initially, the itinerary is identical to that proposed for Norway and Sweden: Belgium or Switzerland, depending on the departure city, and Germany. After that, there are no less than four ways to reach Finland.

One option is out of the question, and that’s to travel via Russia and St. Petersburg. The reason is simple:a visa is required even for a simple transit through Russia. The other three require at least one ferry.

There’s an option for the adventurous and those with time on their hands: a long journey to Tallinn in Estonia! You’ll discover German, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian roads, before finally embarking in Tallinn. From the Estonian capital, it’s easy to reach Helsinki and start your journey in southern Finland. Allow around €65 per vehicle for a 2-hour crossing.

Still starting from the south, the Sweden option is interesting, but requires crossing the costly Øresund bridge: €54 for a car(€50 online), €108 for a camper van(€100 online). Then, from Stockholm, take the ferry to Turku, at a cost per vehicle ofaround €100. The crossing takes 11 hours and is superb!

Finally, for those wishing to start in Lapland, the very long journey takes in Norway, via the ferry between Hirtshals in Denmark and Kristiansand, at a cost ofaround €150 per vehicle. Then it’s on to northern Norway, which can take several days, with stops and the town of Siebe, the last before the border. A long journey, but with breathtaking scenery!

While road journeys vary depending on the option chosen, the total cost is similar: around €300 to €350, including tolls and fuel, from Paris.

⛴️ See ferries to Finland

When is the best time to travel in a motorhome in Finland?

Route finlandaise au milieu des sapins

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The best time to enjoy Finland in a motorhome is from April to September. Days are longer and temperatures milder. But beware: between August and November, the skies can be rainy.

However, it’s in winter that the magic really happens. Around December, the country is carpeted in luminous snow and the Northern Lights are less rare. If this is a tempting option, think again! Conditions are very harsh.

Would you like to discover Lapland? Here, winter is eternal (and freezing). So you can visit at any time of year.