Find a cheap flight to Rome


What low-cost flights are available for cheap travel to Rome? Several airlines share the cake, for even greater savings!

Rome is one of the must-visit cities of your life. With all the monuments Rome has to offer, you can easily spend a week there without getting bored. But first of all, which low-cost airlines offer regular cheap flights to Rome from France and neighboring countries?

Good news for you: Rome is one of the most popular destinations served by low-cost airlines from France! So make the most of it!

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What are the low-cost flights to Rome?

Rome has two airports. These are Rome Ciampino, close to the city center, and Rome Fiumicino, 34 km from the city center, which is the Italian capital’s main airport.

Here is a list of direct flights to Rome Fiumicino airport from France :

  • easyJet from Paris-Orly (ORY)
  • Vueling from Paris-Orly (ORY)
  • Air France from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
  • Alitalia from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
  • Ryanair from Marseille (MRS)
  • Alitalia from Marseille (MRS)
  • easyJet from Nice (NCE)
  • Alitalia from Nice (NCE)
  • easyJet from Lyon (LYS)
  • Vueling from Lyon (LYS)
  • HOP! from Lyon (LYS)
  • HOP! from Bordeaux (BOD)
  • easyJet from Toulouse (TLS)
  • Alitalia from Toulouse (TLS)
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And here is a list of direct routes to Rome Ciampino airport from France:

  • Ryanair from Paris-Beauvais (BVA)
  • Ryanair from Bordeaux (BOD)
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From Belgium, few airlines operate direct flights to Rome.

  • Ryanair from Brussels-Charleroi (CRL) (to Rome Ciampino)
  • Ryanair from Brussels (BRU) (to Rome Fiumicino)
  • You’ll find all these flights at the best prices on Ulysses.

These routes are direct to Rome, and therefore cheaper than a stopover from your city. Do the math and see which will cost you the least: departing from your city or going to one of the cities listed above (take travel time and arrival time into account too).

Have you ever been to Rome? With which low-cost airline?