Experts are worried about this new drink consumed by young people!

Verified on 02/24/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Cette nouvelle boisson consommée par les jeunes inquiète les experts !

Colorful, gourmet and fruity: it’s the new « coffee » for young people! For a few years now, they’ve been swearing by this new trendy drink straight from Asia: pearl tea, more commonly known as Bubble Tea!

What’s behind this colorful drink? We take a look!

What is Bubble Tea?

Originating in Taiwan in the 1980s, Bubble Tea is a green or black tea-based beverage, accompanied by fruity and/or milky flavors.

What makes it special? Large tapioca pearls complete the recipe, giving it a playful and original twist!

This drink has captured the hearts of young Westerners! Indeed, the drink’s unique colors and Instagrammability appeal to teenagers.

In France, Bubble Tea is booming, but experts are worried! According to them, drinking Bubble Tea too often can lead to sugar dependency!

Rich in sweeteners, additives and preservatives

A dietician warns of the dangers of this drink: « It looks healthy and natural. The base is made from tea, the tapioca pearls are gluten-free and there are fruit flavors. Teenagers love fruity drinks, as they can give them the illusion of ‘eating well ‘ ».

In her opinion, this drink is harmful, as it is very rich in sweeteners, additives and preservatives!

An aesthetic that hides many problems!

This new kind of milk drink can be harmful to your health. Its affordable price, around €6, doesn’t help matters.

What’s more, the drink is widely acclaimed on social networks and by influencers, creating a real group effect!

Experts explain that excessive consumption over the long term can be addictive! « It is possible to develop an addiction to the sugar hidden in this drink. Its consumption can generate a feeling of well-being that the body will seek, by consuming more sugar « .

Vous l’aurez sûrement compris, cette boisson est trop riche en sucres. L’impression colorée et fruitée ne veut pas forcément dire que cela soit bon pour votre santé ! Consommez ce thé aux perles avec modération !