England’s 11 best theme parks

Blackpool Tower

Do you like rides and thrills? Here’s a selection of the 11 best theme parks in England that are a must-see.

If one usually comes to visit England to discover London and its suburbs. A visit to the country often continues along the coast, like Cornwall, with the discovery of the cliffs of Easbourne, medieval castles and typical villages. These visits are a must, but why not add a little originality to the program with a theme park in England?

For fun with family and friends, England’s theme parks are the perfect complement to a cultural holiday. As in France, the range of entertainment on offer is quite extensive. There are plenty of amusement parks in England where you can have the time of your life! Here’s our selection of the 11 best theme parks in England.

To help you make your choice, follow the guide!

1. Alton Towers

Alton parc attraction

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Here’s a theme park just the way we like it!

Located in the commune of Alton, the park opened in 1980. The theme park covers a total of 202 hectares. With such a large surface area, it’s the biggest theme park in Europe. Featuring some thirty attractions, the site boasts 10 roller coasters, with truly impressive circuits to thrill even the most daring. Thrill-seekers are in for a treat!

Divided into several zones, the park also includes a natural area for beautiful walks. If you’re fed up with the hike, don’t worry: a gondola quickly connects the different areas. From up there, you can admire not only the rides, but also the beautiful English gardens that radiate throughout the park. The greenery contrasts with the tall buildings dating back to the British Empire, but that’s what makes the park so charming!

If you want to extend your stay at this English theme park, Alton Towers also has an aquatic area. The park is the UK’s largest seaside resort!

2. Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor

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Located in Staffordshire, Drayton Manor offers six family-themed areas, enough to delight young and old alike! What makes this park so special is that it’s accessible to everyone (except roller-coasters). So children and adults alike can enjoy the friendly atmosphere!

Nevertheless, thrill-seekers are not left out, with the aptly named Shockwave and Chaos roller coasters. Meanwhile, the little ones can enjoy Thomas Land. This area, with 20 attractions featuring the park’s mascot, is entirely dedicated to young children!

Drayton Manor’s added bonus: it’s also a 15-hectare zoo with around 100 species.

3. Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Lukasz Sadlowski

You’re on a trip to London, but you’ve had enough? Want to see more than London Bridge, Big Ben, the Shard or Kensington Palace? Take a trip to Chessington World of Adventures. Located just a few kilometers from London, you can easily get to this theme park in England.

Comprising 10 zones with 40 rides, this amusement park is packed with a wide variety of attractions. In addition to the rides, you can also take part in one of the many shows,

The highlight of Chessington World of Adventures: the aquatic tunnel that lets you discover marine animals! This infrastructure immerses you in the very heart of marine flora and fauna.

4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Paul Daniels

If you’re looking for a great theme park in England, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the place to go. Considered one of the 20 most visited theme parks in the world, it’s constantly improving over time. The park is inspired by the style of the great American theme parks, which is why it is constantly in vogue.

On one side, the grown-ups overcome their fears with large thrill rides. On the other, the little ones have fun in Nickelodeon Land, a reference to the cartoons of the country’s leading entertainment channel. Then it’s on to a magnificent all-ages show that everyone shares a good time. From ice shows to hypnotists, this English theme park is all about great performances.

5. Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park

Photo credit: Shutterstock / RMC42

Not far from London, in Surrey to be precise, Thorpe Park is an English theme park that will appeal to young and old alike.

With over 30 rides, attractions and shows to choose from, Thorpe Park is a haven for thrill-seekers and surprise seekers alike. If you’re looking for the best roller coasters in the UK, this is the place to go. Ride the Stealth roller coaster, take to the skies on The Swarm or drop 30 meters on Saw… in short, get your heart pumping!

Best time of year: we recommend a visit around Halloween, as the park is renowned for its spooky entertainment, scenery and horror mazes.

6. Crealy Adventure Park

Crealy Adventure Park

Photo credit: Flickr / William Wan

Crealy Adventure Park, the biggest amusement park in the south-west of England, opens its doors to you and you won’t believe your eyes! This entertainment park offers 60 rides, shows and a zoo. More than 200 wild and farm animals are present here. Young and old alike will marvel at the diversity of what’s on offer! There really is something for everyone: whether you’re more into rides than the great outdoors, or vice versa, there’s something for everyone!

The best thing about Crealy Adventure Park is that everything is close at hand! In fact, a mini-town has sprung up around it, and you’ll find camping, cottages with hot tubs, free parking and grocery stores.

7. Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Dimitrios Vlassis

Whether you’re a motorbike driver, a child or a grown-up, we’ve found the theme park in England that’s just right for you: Legoland Windsor!

Located in Windsor, Berkshire, this theme park is close to the London suburbs, making it easy to get to. Launched on the initiative of the Lego group, known for its building blocks, Legoland Windsor is the second park of its kind after the one in Denmark.

Divided into 10 themed zones, the park offers a variety of rides to make other parks swoon. Tourists can ride down roller coasters, hop on a variety of rides or discover interactive scenic trails. What’s more, just like the Minis-Châteaux park in France, Legoland Windsor has recreated all the major monuments in Lego and miniature! Miniland is, of course, the children’s favorite!

8. Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Martin Charles Hatch

Located in Corton, Suffolk, Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park was created in 1983.

With over 35 rides and attractions, including 5 thrill rides, this amusement park has something for everyone. Here, you can hurtle down the slopes of several roller coasters and treat yourself to some thrilling log rides. After all these rides, you can relax and enjoy a sea lion or parrot show. Before you leave, don’t forget to take a photo with the mascot: a cute little bear!

9. Paulton’s Park

This amusement park in England is a paradise for families. Located in Romsey, Hampshire, Paulton’s Park is a park with animals and rides. It boasts over 70 attractions, divided into 4 themed zones. With its roller coasters, thrill rides and shows, this park has something for everyone.

The best thing about Paulton’s Park: the famous Peppa Pig cartoon is even featured on nine of the rides on the site, enough to delight your children!

10. Adventure Wonderland

Adventure Wonderland

Photo credit: Flickr / Fribbleblib

Adventure Wonderland is an English theme park based on Alice in Wonderland. All the cartoon characters are represented. What’s more, the rides are accessible to all ages. The aim of the park is to create a family atmosphere around the cartoon theme.

Relatively small in comparison with England’s major theme parks, Adventure Wonderland nevertheless boasts a variety of trains, slides, mazes, outdoor games… Don’t worry, you won’t have time to get bored!

11.Harry Potter Studios

Studios Harry Potter à Londres

Photo credit: Shutterstock / chettarin

Who hasn’t dreamed of going behind the scenes of the most famous wizard of our time, Harry Potter? Today, that dream is within reach just outside London. From now on, it’s possible to visit and discover all the sets, backstages, props and filming secrets of Warner Bros! studios.

Inside the Harry Potter studios, you can discover the fantastic creatures imagined by author J. K. Rowling (the spider Aragog, the elf Dobby, the famous goblins of the Gringotts bank…). There are also interactive activities such as sitting astride a broomstick.

You’re about to be plunged into the world of witchcraft, so it’s time to choose your home!