Dog sledding in Les Gets: reservations & rates

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In the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area, give up your skis for half a day to discover dog sledding in Les Gets!

Les Gets is 120km of ski runs in the vast Portes du Soleil ski area between Savoie and Switzerland. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, there’s something for everyone in this borderless playground. Looking for a break from your week’s skiing? Fall in love with the snowy muzzles of the sled dogs and their crazy energy, and embark on a ride through the surrounding resorts.

Generation Voyage guides you in choosing your dogsled outing in Les Gets.

How do I choose a sled dog activity in Les Gets?

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Dog sledding is not yet widely available in Les Gets. In fact, only one service provider offers this type of excursion locally, and only in the form of a ride for children aged 2 to 12. On the other hand, there are several providers based around the resort, in the Portes du Soleil ski area.

You can discover this activity during your stay in Les Gets for a few hours or a full day. Depending on the weather and your preferences, you can set off through the snowy landscapes of Morzine, Avoriaz or Abondance, accompanied by a professional musher.

To make the right choice for your sled dog excursion, you can compare three elements:

  • The duration of the tour, between 20 minutes and half a day;
  • The composition of your group: some activities are reserved for children, while others are accessible to those aged 5 or even 12;
  • The starting point of your excursion: you’ll have to get to the meeting point on your own.

Finally, pay close attention to weather conditions. Dog sledding is a Nordic activity that takes place outdoors, and is therefore subject to the vagaries of the weather. Humidity and strong winds can quickly spoil your outing, so choose your tour carefully to make the most of it!

How does a dog sled ride in Les Gets work?

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Once you’ve arrived at the meeting point – either Col de la Joux Verte, Avoriaz or Morzine, depending on your service provider – you get to know the dogs who will be accompanying you. These are huskies, some of them from the SPA, or Eskimo dogs from Greenland. The musher then explains the safety rules, how to drive the sled if you take the controls, and how to harness the dogs.

Then it’s off for a ten-kilometer ride through the Alps! At the head of a team of 3, 4 or 5 dogs, you’ll traverse the immense white expanses between valleys and forests. Let yourself be carried away by the power and enthusiasm of the dogs, and the unique sensations of driving on snow. For your safety, you are supervised by at least one professional musher, and drive on roads closed to car or pedestrian traffic.

After a good hour of intense effort – dog sledding requires good physical condition and active participation in the driving – you return to base camp for a well-deserved rest. Spend a few more moments with the animals before your return.

Allow around 3 hours for the sled dog activity in Les Gets, between explanations, the ride and the return to the kennel.

For the discovery tour, reserved for children aged 7 to 12, you are welcomed by the service provider and his 7 Nordic dogs. After a short presentation, your child embarks alone on the sled pulled by 4 dogs, for a loop of around 20 minutes.

When is the best time to go dog sledding in Les Gets?

Winter is obviously the best time to go dog sledding in Les Gets. This activity requires sufficient snow cover to avoid damaging the equipment. The best conditions are therefore found between December and April.

Choose your time slot to suit your needs:

  • In the morning for bright light;
  • At the end of the day, enjoy the sunset over the mountains.

However, you should know that some service providers offer a sled dog activity in Les Gets in summer, thanks to the cani-rando. The sled is replaced by a model on wheels.

Our tips for dog sledding in Les Gets

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The most important piece of advice for dog sledding in Les Gets concerns clothing. This activity, which takes place entirely outdoors, requires suitable, warm, waterproof clothing. You need to make sure you’re well covered, not forgetting your extremities: hands, feet and head. As well as gloves, waterproof footwear and hats, don’t forget goggles to protect your eyes from glare and snow splashes.

In the interests of thermal comfort, don’t hesitate to pack an extra warm outfit to change into at the end of your dog sledding trip in Les Gets. Between perspiration and splashes, it’s highly likely that you’ll be wet by the time you get back to base camp.

Finally, even if mushers adapt the routes to the participants, it’s important to bear in mind that driving a team of racing dogs requires good physical condition. You need to be able to hold back the dogs, brake and manage the weight of the sled in all circumstances.

How much does a dog sledding trip cost?

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The prices charged by the various providers are virtually identical, differing only in the duration of the activity. However, a dog-sledding excursion in Les Gets remains a relatively expensive activity. Indeed, the upkeep of the animals has a definite cost, and they are all very well looked after, whichever service provider you choose.

You’ll spend €40 for a special children’s discovery tour. To discover the pleasure of driving a carriage, count €100 per person over 12, and €150 for a person over 12 plus a passenger.

Children under 12 are not allowed to drive the carriage, but can participate as passengers for a fee of €50.