Discovering the secret nuggets of Finland’s Lake District

Lac Saimaa, l'un des pépites secrètes de la région des lacs en Finlande

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Discover the well-kept secrets of Finland’s Lake District!

Looking to discover lesser-known places and unusual activities for your next trip to Finland? Then this article is for you. We invite you to discover the hidden treasures of the Lake District, from a different angle and off the beaten track. Our aim? To help you discover secret nuggets and authentic experiences for a total immersion in Finnish culture. Ready for a unique and original experience?

Taste local delicacies from farm to fork

Une ferme rurale de Finlande vue du ciel

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Discover culinary delights from farm to fork in Finland’s Lake District, where you’ll find a multitude of farms offering traditional homemade dishes. Among the must-visit destinations, the Wehmais tearoom, located in the Wehmaa manor house, and the Tertti manor house offer an exceptional gastronomic experience.

The historic Hannula farm in Hauho, home of the Iloranta family for over a hundred years, offers organic dishes. All served in a natural setting that has been awarded the « Sustainable Travel Finland » label, a commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. Finally, don’t miss the Tervamäki organic farm in Sotkamo. Not only can you learn about traditional farm work and animal husbandry, but you can also enjoy a delicious home-cooked breakfast or lunch (reservations required). And don’t forget to buy organic products from the farm store!

Discover the authentic flavours of local markets

Kalakukko, tourte aux poissons, spécialité finlandaise

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The local markets of Finland’s Lake District offer an authentic experience for gourmets in search of traditional flavors. You’ll find an abundance of fresh ingredients such as wild berries, mushrooms, honey and rye bread. What’s more, markets such as those in Savonlinna, Kuopio and Mikkeli are the perfect place to meet local producers. And for curious visitors, it’s the ideal place to discover the eating habits of the region’s inhabitants!

For starters, the Mikkeli market in Southern Savonia is particularly lively in the warmer months. It offers a multitude of local specialties, including the famous kalakukko, a fish pie to be enjoyed warmly with a cup of coffee. All in a convivial atmosphere, thanks to the accordion melodies played by the market’s musicians. And don’t forget to get ready to strike up a conversation, because Mikkeli is a region that appreciates warm conversation!

Finally, Savonlinna, another town in the Lake District, is also home to a picturesque market, where you’ll be captivated by its lively atmosphere and infectious energy. Local producers offer a variety of fresh ingredients, reflecting the culinary richness of the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample traditional Finnish dishes, a real treat for the taste buds.

Enjoy a gourmet nature walk with wild gatherings

Cueillette sauvage de fruits des bois et de champignons en Finlande

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Discover Finland’s lake district in a unique way with wild foraging. Go in search of edible berries, mushrooms, herbs and leaves to prepare unforgettable dishes. For a safe and rewarding experience, enlist the help of local experts who will guide you and reveal the best foraging spots.

For example, you can immerse yourself in Finnish culture by taking part in mushroom-picking excursions. You’ll be accompanied by regular mushroom pickers who’ll be happy to share their knowledge of the local species. You may even have the chance to learn their best techniques for successful picking! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome to share this common passion. So take advantage of this unique experience to discover the hidden treasures of Finnish nature.

To enjoy this authentic experience, ask at local tourist offices or pick-your-own associations. Then grab a basket, slip on some comfortable shoes and set off on a culinary adventure in the heart of Finnish nature.

Explore old Finnish manor houses

Would you like to discover one of the Lake District’s best-kept secrets? Finland reveals some enchanting treasures, perfect for travelers in search of an authentic, peaceful experience. Among them is the Tertti manor house in Mikkeli, a place that combines historic charm with contemporary rural life. Its gardens bloom with color in summer, while in winter a calm, serene atmosphere pervades the premises. Just two and a half hours from Helsinki, it’s the ideal place for a getaway from the city.

Wehmaa Manor, located near Lake Saimaa, is another of the region’s rare gems. Immerse yourself in the elegance of a bygone world with its pink tablecloths and floral wallpaper. You can also enjoy a traditional afternoon tea, British-style, from an impressive choice of over 50 varieties. A day trip to this magnificent manor house is an experience not to be missed!

Soak up the history of Olavinlinna Castle

château médiéval d'Olavinlinna à Savonlinna, Finlande

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Olavinlinna Castle, also known as Savonlinna Castle, invites you to immerse yourself in Finland’s captivating history. Nestled on a rocky island in Lake Saimaa, this remarkably well-preserved medieval castle transports you to a tumultuous past. With its imposing towers, fortified walls and medieval architecture, it embodies all the grandeur and mystery of a bygone era.

Every summer, the castle courtyard resonates with the spellbinding melodies of the Savonlinna Opera Festival. You’ll have the unique opportunity to attend exceptional performances in a spectacular setting, adding a touch of magic to your visit.

Olavinlinna Castle opens its doors to offer you an immersive experience of Finland’s glorious past. Let yourself be enchanted by its imposing walls, wander through its rooms steeped in history and discover the medieval atmosphere that reigns here. It’s an invitation to marvel and discover the secrets of Finland’s lake district.

As you explore these nuggets of Finland’s Lake District, you’ll discover authentic culture, unusual activities and breathtaking scenery. Get off the beaten track and discover the region’s hidden wonders. So, are you ready to set off on an adventure and discover these little-known gems?