Discover the history of Venice with « Venezia: The Show ».

Spectacle Venezia The Show

Doesn’t commedia dell’arte come from Italy? Why not delve into the history of Venice with « Venezia: The Show »?

To make the most of your stay in the « Serenissima », you need to discover Venice from every angle, in every aspect, by day… and by night. For Venice dons its costume of celebration, music and light as the sun sets over the lagoon.

Enjoy the glory of Venice with « Venezia: The Show » at Teatro San Gallo. This magical moment is a wonderful opportunity to spend an enjoyable evening with a show that elegantly combines comedy, humor and technology to tell the story of the city.

You’ll fall under the spell of this entertainment and never look at Venice the same way again!

Spectacle Venezia The Show

A journey through the history of Venice

When you’re in Venice, you already feel as if you’re not on the same planet: with all the narrow streets and canals that replace our usual roads, the beauty of the lagoon, the wonderful islands of Torcello, Murano and Burano, and the magnificent sights such as the Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s Square, Venice becomes so synonymous with beauty that our eyes don’t know where to turn.

When you attend « Venezia: The Show », you’ll literally be transported to another era, taking a trip back in time while remaining in the heart of the Serenissima.

Before the show itself, you’ll be treated to a 30-minute documentary retracing the history of Venice. An audio guide is available in French, of course, but also in Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Then « The Show » begins in earnest, as 5 artists take you back in time to discover the City of the Doges as you’ve never seen it before.

Spectacle Venezia The Show

How to attend « Venezia: The Show »?

Venezia: The Show » is performed every evening of the year at Teatro San Gallo, except in winter. The entire show is in English, but the audio-guide will be a great help during the two-hour show. Depending on the season, « Venezia: The Show » starts at either 7.30pm or 8pm.

Please note, however, that documentaries on the city of Venice are not always shown, depending on the organizer, so you’ll need to find out in advance whether they will be screened.

So, are you ready for a journey through the history of Venice? Make yourself comfortable in your seat and enjoy an enchanting evening of Venetian music and fun!