Discover Japan in photos

Fleurs de cerisiers à Kawageta Fukushima, Japon

While nothing can replace the noise, smells and hustle and bustle of a country, we’re still trying to take you on a photo tour of Japan!

Travelling is not just an act, nor an ambition, it is above all an art of living. And while it’s difficult to travel to the ends of the earth in one’s lifetime, there’s nothing to stop one’s spirit from traveling. That’s why Generation Voyage offers several themes to help you escape to your favorite countries, or discover new wonders in preparation for your future travels.

You can find our travel playlist, our top culinary specialities and now our top photos for a wide range of destinations! So, whether you’re on the metro, in bed or at work, take 5 minutes to discover some sublime shots!

And today, we’re transporting you to Asia, and more specifically to Japan. The Empire of the Rising Sun opens its borders to you, and lets you enjoy the splendors of its landscapes, between modernity and past memories…

The poetry of Japanese must-haves

When you take a trip to Japan, you’re in for a total change of scenery and culture shock. This will probably begin as soon as you arrive in Tokyo or one of Japan’s unmissable cities, such as Kyoto or Osaka, or when you see Mount Fuji for the first time.

We’ve all heard of these Japanese must-sees, but to experience their enchantment is nothing short of enchanting. Admiring the summit of Mount Fuji, strolling along the crowded streets of Osaka along the Dotonbori canal, or lifting your head until it wrings your neck to catch a glimpse of the roofs of Tokyo’s skyscrapers, all these actions (which you won’t be able to escape) will provide you with a multitude of memories, which will immediately engrave themselves in your hearts for eternity.

So that the shock isn’t too brutal, we wanted to prepare you for it. In our selection of the most beautiful photos of Japan, you’ll find a section dedicated to all these must-sees.


Shinjuku Gyoen Park during the flower season in Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – ESB Professional


Higashiyama district, in Kyoto’s old town – Photo credit: Shutterstock – f11photo


Dotonbori street, along the canal of the same name, Osaka – Photo credit: Shutterstock – cowardlion

Mont Fuji - photos Japon

Mount Fuji overlooking Lake Kawaguchiko at sunrise – Photo credit: Shutterstock – FocusStocker


Boats on the river in Arashiyama Park, Kyoto – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Leela Mei


Shinsekai district, with Tsutenkaku Tower in the background, Osaka – Photo credit: Shutterstock – YUSHENG HSU

Temples, gates and castles: Japan in monuments

Economically, historically and culturally, Japan is a « monument ». In fact, its historical monuments, be they castles, pagodas or temples, all tell in their own way of the (more or less) victorious past of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

As you travel around Japan, you’ll discover all these architectural marvels with their marked history. From Miyajima to Nachi, via Kyoto and Osaka, we invite you to discover our favorite Japanese monuments in this selection of our most beautiful photos of Japan!

La pagode de Chureito

Chureito pagoda and Mount Fuji in springtime cherry blossom – Photo credit: Shutterstock – mapman

porte flottante de Torii - photos Japon

The famous Torii floating gate, Miyajima – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Luciano Mortula – LGM

Château d'Osaka

Osaka Castle in Sakura season – Photo credit: Shutterstock – William.Vaccaro

Pagode de Seigantoji, Nachi

Seigantoji pagoda, Nachi – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sean Pavone

La porte du temple de Kiyomizu-dera à Kyoto - photos Japon

The gate of Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera temple – Photo credit: Shutterstock – ESB Professional

Temple d'Asakusa

Asakusa Temple, Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – TTstudio

Japan’s flowery hours

Who hasn’t experienced the poetry of Japanese cherry blossom? That pale pink color, enchanting, soothing, that hypnotizes you and whose scent reaches you even through a screen…

These cherry trees, also known as Sakura, promise their enchantment in early spring. Over the years, they’ve even become the common name for Japan’s flowering season. But Sakuras aren’t the only marvels to be found in Japan’s flowery hours… Discover the enchantment of this flora in our selection of the most beautiful photos of Japan!

Obuse-machi, préfecture de Nagano

Cherry blossoms in Obuse-machi, Nagano prefecture – Photo credit: Shutterstock – onemu

colline de Shikisai

Panoramic flower gardens on Shikisai Hill in Biei – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Tanya Jones

forêt de Bamboo à Kyoto - photos Japon

Bamboo forest in Kyoto – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Guitar photographer

Fleurs de cerisiers à Kawageta Fukushima, Japon

Cherry blossoms in Kawageta Fukushima – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Bunwit Unseree

Parc marin de Hitachi

Hitachi Marine Park – Photo credit: Shutterstock – milezaway

kawachi touen, fukuoka - photos Japon

Wisteria flowers, Kkawachi Touen, Fukuokai – Photo credit: Shutterstock – T-Mizuguchi

Takinoue, Hokkaido

Landscape with pink flowers on the mountain, Takinoue, Hokkaido – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Club4traveler

Japan, before the rising sun

Obviously, Japan is known as the « Land of the Rising Sun », but do you know why? Firstly, because the word « Japan » translates as  » Nihon  » or  » Nippon  » in Japanese, meaning « Land of the Rising Sun ».

But the origins of this well-known expression date back some 1,500 years. The Japanese prince Shotoku is said to have sent a letter to his Chinese counterpart, beginning: « The emperor of the country where the sun rises sends a letter to the emperor of the country where the sun sets ». Japan, further east than China, was then referred to as the country where the sun rises, unlike its Chinese neighbor.

But if Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun, it’s in the off-peak hours, when night is in full swing and only Japanese neon lights illuminate the alleyways, that our fascination with this culture exults.

The excitement of Tokyo’s alleyways coming to life after dark is at its peak, and the lighting of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto becomes a wonder, and the memories created during those dark hours become indelible.

Tokyo la nuit - photos Japon

Shinjuku’s Kabuki district by night, Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – marchello74

Pagode Yasaka et rue Sannen Zaka à Kyoto

Shinjuku’s Yasaka pagoda and Sannen Zaka street, Kyoto – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Guitar photographer


Colorful Japanese night near Gifu – Photo credit: Shutterstock – TRAN CONG PHUC

rizières de Maruyama - photos Japon

The rice fields of Maruyama, Mie – Photo credit: Shutterstock – aindigo

Shinjuku station

Foodshop by night, on the streets of Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Marcus Morgan

Nakano district - photos Japon

The Nakano district and its neon-lit streets, Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Tokyo Visionary Room

rivière Shirakawa dans le district de Gion

Shirakawa River in Kyoto’s Gion district – Photo credit: Shutterstock – ESB Professional

A jumble of Japanese wonders

Since we couldn’t possibly sum up the wonders of Japan in just a few categories, we’ve come up with a mishmash of our Japanese unclassifiable.

A mix of views, colors and poetry that will convince you to buy your plane tickets. Direction: the Land of the Rising Sun!

cascades mototaki, Akita - photos Japon

Mototaki waterfalls, Akita – Photo credit: Shutterstock – tamrongMF

Le Temple du Pavillon d'Or

The Golden Pavilion Temple, Kyoto – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sean Pavone

Le pont suspendu de yakushima

Yakushima suspension bridge – Photo credit: Shutterstock – ryoko.os

village de Shirakawa-go

Historic traditional village of Shirakawa-go – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Than Sapyaprapa

Pagode Yasaka et rue Sannen Zaka

Yasaka Pagoda and Sannen Zaka Street, Kyoto – Photo credit : Shutterstock – sakiflower1988

Rizières de Maruyama-senmaida, Kumano

Maruyama-senmaida rice fields in Kumano – Photo credit: Shutterstock – ESB Professional

Tunnel de la cantine au jardin Kawachi Fuji - photos Japon

Canteen tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden, Fukuoka – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Chanawin Tepprasitsakda

Arashiyama en saison d'automne le long de la rivière à Kyoto

Arashiyama in autumn along the river in Kyoto – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Guitar photographer

Quartier de Shinjuku - photos Japon

Shinjuku alley, known for its nightlife, Tokyo – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Yulia Grigoryeva

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