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Gastronomie, dégustation Florence

Taste the best of Florence and Tuscany with a local specialist

The city of Florence has always been synonymous with pleasure, any pleasure, whether visual, artistic or even gustatory. Florentine gastronomy is renowned the world over.

Visit Florence differently

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Discovering Florence in a new light, with heightened senses, is an unparalleled experience: indeed, this city is a real treat for the taste buds, and you only have to look at the explosion in traditional cooking courses to discover just how much the Renaissance city par excellence appeals to all tastes. What about the succulent dishes based on grains, cheeses, meats and local produce? What can we say about olive oil, beans, wild boar and the famous steak bistecca fiorentina, which are among the most popular traditional dishes and certainly the most gourmet?

It’s generally accepted that Italians have a true love affair with gastronomy, and that this love affair can be expressed in a variety of ways. To see Florence through its traditional ingredients, such as liver, bread often toasted and rubbed with garlic, tripe, roast pork, braised beef or breaded chicken with ricotta and parmesan, is to savor every bit of the history of this centuries-old city.

An unusual visit

When it comes to discovering a city’s secrets, there’s no better way than through its cuisine, which tells far more than all the history books put together. In Florence, this is particularly true, which is why you can now take a guided tour to sample the various Florentine specialties.

The tour begins with the discovery of two coffees in an Italian bar, and an observation of how they are made according to the Italian and more specifically Florentine tradition. Afterwards, you’ll head off to a restaurant to sample the famous « panino tartufato », renowned for its truffle-based culinary specialties. As you take this tour of Florentine restaurants and dishes, you’ll gain a better understanding of the history of the city and its various « piazzas », thanks to the commentary of a guide who will accompany you.

An explosion of the senses

Gastronomie, dégustation Florence

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How can you not discover Florentine gastronomy without visiting the San Lorenzo market at least once? Here, you’ll have the chance to taste balsamic vinegar, local olive oil and even two typical wines. Why not do a little shopping? Italian gastronomy is not limited to its food, but also extends to its drink, and in particular to its wines. With its location in a wine-growing region, Florence offers the opportunity to visit one of its famous wine cellars, discovering Tuscan wines that will be accompanied by Italian cheeses with their delicious, suave flavor. And last but not least, why not round off your tasting experience with a magnificent Italian gelato!



This Florentine tasting tour promises highlights such as an overview of the city, a tour accompanied by an expert guide to eat and drink like the locals, personalized service for a small group (maximum 8 people) and complimentary snacks included. The price of this gourmet tour of Florence includes a tasting of Italian coffees, a panino tartufato, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The tour lasts an average of one morning (between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.), and comfortable shoes are recommended to enjoy the gourmet walk.

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